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How To Be A Successful Real Estate Agent

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Real estate business has proven to be a business that has come to stay and each year, it keeps growing because people continually want to own houses, lands and other property.

How To Be A Successful Real Estate Agent

You might be making little or no progress in your chosen field of real estate business and that can be attributed to some factors. Some of these factors might be because of some little things you neglect and some you overdo.

In this post, we will be looking at tips on how to be a successful real estate agent and these tips apply to any agent from any part of the world- be it the US, UK, Canada, or any other country you can think of.

After some interviews with successful real estate agents, we came up with these habits or skills that were common among the seven interviewed agents. The tips might not apply completely to your area or might have a slight variation but at the end, they are plus or minus the same thing.

Just grab some popcorn as we feed you with the tips…. Just kidding, don’t mind me…

Tips on how to become a successful real estate agent

Do not neglect the importance of email marketing: Yes! Email marketing is one of the sure ways of getting people know about properties that are up for sale. You can get emails of people who are interested in owning houses, lands, etc. by either using a landing page. Let me break this process down.

Landing pages are web pages where marketers persuade prospective clients to submit their emails or proceed to purchase their product. It has being a sure way of getting people subscribe to newsletters, buy products and the likes. The page if used to collect emails might have something to entice possible clients like eBooks, promises of getting some products in return, etc.

It is important to note that it is not rational to buy emails from people as most times, these emails are generated by bots and are not real.

Once these emails are gotten, you can make use of online email marketing websites like MailChimp, Drip, Constant Contact, AWeber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, etc. You can check out these sites and get more information about how to start.

Go beyond using pictures: taking shots of your property is not enough to convince people these days going by the advancement in technologies. Because of this, making videos of the property, surrounding environments and if possible the street where it is located is a sure way of convincing people and in turn, making more sales.

It is advised that you make the videos fun, show stuffs that will make potential buyers want to buy your property. After taking such videos, you can post them on video hosting sites like YouTube, etc. using relevant hash tags. 

Get on social media: If you are a real estate agent and you don’t have a social media presence, then you are missing out on a lot of things. In this 21st century that everyone is on one or more social media sites, these sites are very good for advertising your property and getting buyers.

By getting on social media does not mean making use of your personal social media accounts. I mean creating a page for your business on Facebook, creating a twitter handle for it, an Instagram account for it, etc. By employing the services of a social media expert, you can grow your brand by increasing the number of followers and getting sales.

These social media sites also have services that allow you run adverts for your property in order to reach more people and you can narrow the people your advert will reach to people who are interested in real estate and even to a particular locality.

The importance of advertising on social media sites are to enormous to mention. An interview with one real estate agent revealed this fact. James, who has being a real estate agent in the US for three years, narrated an experience that we would like to share with you.

According to James, his business had a Facebook fan page with thousands of likes but when they made a post about a property, they got little engagement and people who seemed to be interested were not much. But as soon as they ran a Facebook advert for the property which was located in Maryland, they received lots of calls from people who were interested and within a short while, they sold the property.

Get a personal assistant: we mentioned earlier about growing your social media account by employing the services of a social media expert. This is where the place of a personal assistant cannot be overemphasized. If you are getting a personal assistant, make sure he or she is proficient in managing your business’s social media accounts, can take and place calls to your leads, can compose and send emails at and as when due.

As a real estate agent, you might be very busy sometimes that you can’t reply to customers and so, employing a personal assistant is a sure way of making sure your customers are satisfied. This in turn will make them recommend you to their friends and to their friend’s friends.

Get to know stuffs around you and around your property: successful real estate agents are known to have great knowledge about stuffs that exist around their property. Stuffs like the best schools around, hospitals, stadia, police stations, recreational centers, best places to shop, best restaurants and hotels, etc.

Knowing about all these will ensure that you convince your potential customers the more. It will also make them trust you and want to run to you each time they need a property to either rent or buy.

Get a website: To look more professional and build trust, it is advised that you get a website for your real estate business and indeed for any business you intend going into. Here is an article about the importance of getting a websitefor your business. Check it out and get more information.

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Businesses To Do In Russia During 2018 FIFA World Cup

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So you will be going to Russia for the world cup and you are wondering businesses to check out while in Russia? If yes, then this article is for you.


Let’s go…..

The world cup as we all know is the greatest football festival that happens once in every four years. It is an event that brings different countries of the world together. Football, as we all know, is one of the sports that cut across all nations, religions, and countries of the world and is played by even the poorest of people.

This year’s world cup will be hosted by Russia in June. It will be held from the 14th of June to the 15th of July in 11 different host cities of Russia. 32 teams from 5 confederations will be competing for the cup and they will come with both their players, coaches and technical crew.

During the event, millions of people from all parts of the world and from all works of life will converge in Russia and for an entrepreneur; it is a great opportunity for you to make some money from the world cup.

Russia is the world’s largest nation and borders European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans according to Wikipedia. Russians are really friendly in conversation, willing to help or assist people and compassionate in general. They are however exceptions in every race of people who do are not friendly.

They are known for a number of activities and religions, but we will not dwell more on them. Let us look at the various businesses you can do in Russia during the world cup.

Businesses you can do in Russia during the world cup

As a businessman, attending such an event is a sure way of getting to meet people from different works of life. Although many people go to the world cup to relax and refresh from their work, it is the best place to make new connections.

Getting connections and making friends is probably one of the most important things you should do in Russia as a businessman or an entrepreneur. These connections are invaluable and can serve as the key to your business’ growth.

You can make connections with people that will help buy materials and business products for you from their different countries. If you make great connections with Russians, you can get materials imported from their country to yours with basic logistics covered for you.

Below are some businesses you can do in Russia during the world cup:

Garments and accessories: while in Russia, you can check out their varieties of garments and accessories as this is one of the most flourishing businesses in Russia. You can buy different types of clothes and accessories like shoes, caps, bags, belts, and ship them down to your country where you can sell them at higher prices and make lots of money when you return.

Also, because Russia is always cold, you can find stocks made to protect the body from cold and ship them down to your country.

This business can be continued even after the world cup if you make good connections with the sellers or with people that can help buy and ship them down to you.

Art products: there are numerous art vendors in Russia selling their products on the streets and lots of them are very beautiful. You can buy as many as you want and ship them down to your country, sell them and make cool cash.

Vodka: Russia is unarguably the best place to get high-quality vodka in the world. You can get them at very cheap rates and ship straight down to your country and get them sold at higher prices.

There are hundreds of vodka brands in Russia and whenever you check their stores, you can testify to this - the best being Flagman and Russky Standart.

This business like the others can also be done afterward by making the right connections with sellers and other people.

Fish farming business: this business can be done by finding partners in Russia. Because Russia is exposed to three different oceans, fish farming is a gold mine. You can sign agreements with someone to do the business for you and send your own part of the profit to you once the fishes are sold.

In doing this business, however, it is advised that you make sure the person or persons you are to do the business with is trustworthy and will not defraud you.

Porcelain products: there are lots of porcelain products in Russian shops and supermarkets. You can take some time to go through them, select the bests among them and export them to your country.
Care is to be taken however in doing this as they are bound to crack in the process of transportation.

Coffee business:  the business of selling coffee will be a very viable one as Russia is always cold. Thousands of people will be coming for the world cup and will need coffee to keep their body warm. To make the most out of this business, find locations near stadia that will be used for the event and also, around shopping malls, junctions, etc.

Selling sporting equipment: since it is all about football, selling sporting equipment will be a sure way of making money from the world cup. Equipment like country jerseys, whistles, socks, snickers, boots, plastic trumpets, bands, flags, etc. will give you lots of money. You can purchase them from supermarkets or sellers and sell them at the stadiums during games.

Since you are new to the area, finding a Russian that will help you locate where they are sold is a very nice thing to do. He or she might as well explain the dos and don’ts of business in Russia to avoid getting into trouble.

Sports betting: During this period, fixtures will be up for betting on various sport betting sites and you can make cool money off this. You can place your bets and if they enter, you get paid lots of money. This business can be done in Russia or in other parts of the world too.


Going to the world cup is a nice thing to do and making money from your trip makes it nicer and fun. Go to Russia and make some more money for yourself.

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Video Marketing Blaster Pro: Review And How To Download

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Video Marketing Blaster Pro is a powerful software that helps you rank YouTube videos in a matter of seconds and get the most out of your Video marketing.


Over the years, YouTube has increased and is about the most visited website on planet earth and some people rake in millions of dollars, sales and traffics for people all around the world.

This powerful software is capable of maneuvering YouTube's ranking algorithm and rank your video in a matter of seconds.

It does this by scrapping and giving you keywords, descriptions, and tags for your videos that will make your video rank in a matter of seconds.

Below are some of the features of VIDEO MARKETING BLASTER

  • Dominate YouTube rankings

  • Spy your rankings

  • Track your rankings

  • Find untapped keywords

  • Suggest keywords

  • Return partial match/exact keywords

  • View, rank and YouTube search results of keywords

  • View statistics for your videos

  • Analyze the number of views, comments, and subscribers of competition

  • Track rankings

  • Auto-generate keywords

  • Save reports
And lots more...

To download the software, click on the link here

How To Get A United States (US) Phone Number For Free

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As Africans and people of some other continents are deprived of some kinds of stuff and services online, internet marketers, bloggers, and freelancers are always in search of ways through which they can access these services from their countries.


Some time ago, Fiverr which is one of the top freelancing companies online brought out a harsh penalty for some of their sellers and demanded that they verify their accounts using their phone numbers. These sellers used VPN to change their locations to the United States but Fiverr allowed them to use their local numbers for verification.

After a while Fiverr used this against them and deported (changed their locations depending on the phone number used for verification) to their various countries using the number’s country code.
This denied some freelancers the opportunity of making it big on Fiverr. As a result, they had poor sales and lost so many of their buyers.

Also, some other online services that require their users to make use of phone number as a method of verification give internet marketers a headache.

In this article, we would be exploring ways of getting free United States (US) phone numbers for free. These phone numbers can be used for various verifications and so, there is no need of buying phone numbers or contacting your friends or clients in the US for phone number verifications.

How can I get a United States (US) phone number for free?

We will be discussing the best ways through which you can get a free US phone number. It is important that we state categorically that some online services do not recognize some of the phone numbers generated by this application as valid US numbers. However, all of them can be used to make calls and can be called from anywhere in the world. 

Below are the best ways of getting free US phone numbers:
  1. Telos free phone number application
  2. TextPlus app
  3. TextNow app
  4. 2nd line app

Telos free phone number application: this application is available on Playstore as at the time of writing this article. It is about the best application that allows you get a free US phone number from anywhere in the world. This application gives you a real mobile phone number that can be used to receive calls and texts from any person, used as contact phone number for your bank accounts, utilities, and websites.

It can also be used to set up forwarding to any landline or phone number. However, for you to get a free US phone number, you will have to complete some tasks such as downloading some applications, checking out some other offers, etc. If you don’t want to go through all these stress, you can as well pay some token in other to have this phone number instantly.

On this application, you can have up to 4 different US phone numbers and still receive calls from all of them from anywhere in the world. You can also call anyone with these lines which saves you some international toll fees.

It is important to note that you will have to be on the internet before you can make use of this application (either through a Wi-Fi or mobile data) and it is available to most countries of the world. You can also get free phone numbers of other countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Sweden and Belgium with this application.

Textplus application: this is about the latest and absolutely free way of getting a US phone number. The application is available in both Apple store and Google Play Store and is absolutely free.

On TextPlus, you can call and message friends with a real phone number and it does not require your linking it with your local phone number. The application is free but however comes with a few ads and if you don’t like the ads, you can purchase an ad-free version of it.

Key features of the application includes: full picture messaging, customizable ringtones, real text messaging abilities and can only work using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Suggestion: this implies that for you to be able to receive phone calls or messages using the mobile number given to you by the application, you will have to be connected to the internet. The application also keeps the record of missed calls peradventure you were not online when the call was made. They also mandate people using their free numbers to send at least one call or message to the number in a month or risk losing the number.

It is also important to note that this phone number cannot be used to register for WhatsApp as it is marked as an invalid phone number.

So, what are you waiting for? Go download the app from your smartphone’s store and enjoy the free US phone number that it provides.

TextNow: this is another powerful application that can be used to get a free US phone number. It has similar features with the TextPlus application discussed earlier but the difference is that it is not available to every country.

There is a way around this though: using VPN. With a VPN application, you can change your location to that of another country where it is available, download the application, register on it and make use of it seamlessly.

You can check out our post on how to change the IP address of your android device so as to see how to change your location.

2ndLine application: This application was also developed by the same team that developed the TextNow application and such, is not available to some countries of the world. You can find your way around it using the VPN method shared above and get yourself a free US phone number.

Just like the TextPlus app, it can work only using Wi-Fi or mobile data and can receive unlimited calls and text messages as well. Missed calls are also saved for you and you get updated once you are online of any call that you missed.

It also allows you to assign different ringtones and background to different contacts, add your own customized signatures to your text messages, etc.

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Removable and Non-Removable Batteries: Advantages and Disadvantages of each, and which one to choose

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Owing to the fact that in recent times, tremendous developments have been recorded in the mobile phone industry, many smartphone companies have made efforts not to be sent out of the market by creating products that match what is in vogue.

 At some points, we might have been in a crossroad whether to purchase a smartphone that its battery is removable or to buy one that its battery is non-removable. Also, some of us who are tech-inclined have been asked at some points by friends whether they should go for phones with or without a removable battery. In this post, I'll be writing about the pros and cons of both of them so that you will know which one to go for or prescribe for people.

Advantages of Smartphones with REMOVABLE BATTERIES

As we all know, removable batteries are does batteries that can be detached from the smartphone.


1. In case of a Hang: Some smartphones as we all know, hangs sometimes and this makes the phone not to accept any input either from the buttons or touchpad. If a smartphone has a removable battery, all you need to do is to remove the battery and insert it back and that's all, your phone will begin to work again.

2. Replaceability and travel-friendly: Assuming your smartphone's battery dies and is removable, all you need do is to replace it with your spare battery or, if you are traveling to where there will be no energy to charge your phone, you can go with as many batteries as you want.

3. You can sell the phone anytime you are tired of the phone. If the battery has a problem, the buyer can change it anytime he wants

4. In a case of overheating, you can remove  the battery and then leave the phone to cool

5. In a case whereby the phone mistakenly falls into water, you can save the phone easily by removing its battery.

Disadvantages of Smartphones with REMOVABLE BATTERIES

1. Smartphones with removable batteries are bigger and less fancy when compared to their counterparts with non-removable batteries

2. Battery contacts can develop faults due to the rate at which you remove it

3. In case the phone gets lost, it cannot be traced as long as the thief removes the battery

Advantages of Smartphones with NON-REMOVABLE BATTERIES


1. They are slimmer and smarter than their other counterpart.

2. Less chances of the phone parts breaking because you don't have to always remove its cover.

3. In case the phone gets lost, you can trace it because the thief cannot remove the battery.

4. The chances of dust entering into the phone are small.

Disadvantages of Smartphones With NON-REMOVABLE BATTERIES

1. Irreplaceable battery: If the battery life deteriorates, it cannot be replaced.

2. In case the phone hangs, you'll have to wait for a long time for it to recover by itself

3. If the battery heats up, you might not know because it happens inside the phone and might damage inner components of the phone and sometimes, the screen.

4.Water damage: Ok, this one is a little on both advantage and disadvantage because it’s difficult to prove, but in our experience, getting water in a non-removable sealed phone is terrible. Unlike a removable battery, where you can attempt to dry out the innards before the battery can short the phone, sealed units with non-removable batteries struggle to dry out before damage is done.

Easy way for android IMEI tweaking: All you need to know

Some of us have wondered what an IMEI number really is, how to change our android’s IMEI, what tweaking is all about, tools to change our android Smartphone’s IMEI, what MTK phones are, etc.  Relax, because we’ve got you covered. Today, I am going to break all these things down so that you can understand all of them, and then be able to change your android’s IMEI to any other phone’s IMEI. Fasten your seat belt and relax as we cruise through all these.
                Ok, to start, let us define an IMEI number.


IMEI stands for “International mobile station equipment identity”. It is a number that is unique and used to identify GSM, UMTS, LTE, satellite phones and iDEN mobile phones. This is a number which differentiates a brand of phone from other brands, and also differentiates phones of the same brand.
It is found beneath the battery pack of a phone and is usually a 14, 15 or 16- digit numbers and can also be checked by dialing *#06#. This number helps mobile phone service providers (mtn, Etisalat, glo, airtel, etc) to know the particular brand of phone used by a subscriber and also prevents phone theft. 

For example, 358265015228270 is a blackberry 8300 curve IMEI number. This IMEI number tells a lot about the phone.

35824501- Tells us about the type allocation code.

35- is the Reporting body identifier.

522827- is the Serial number.

0- is the check digit.

Let me explain all of them

TYPE ALLOCATION CODE: This code is the first 8 digits of the 15 digit IMEI number used to uniquely identify wireless devices. It is used to identify a particular model of a wireless telephone. This means that all models of a phone like Blackberry 8300 curve have these digits on each of their IMEIs.

REPORTING BODY IDENTIFIER: This is the first two digits of a GSM that indicates the GSMA- approved organization that registered a given mobile phone. From the above IMEI, “35” shows that the blackberry phone was registered in the United Kingdom.

SERIAL NUMBER: This is the part of an IMEI that distinguishes phones of a given brand. That is, the number that differentiates Mr. A’s Techno P5 from Mr. B’s Techno P5.

CHECK DIGIT: The last digit of an IMEI is the check digit. It is calculated according to LUHN FORMULAR.

Having defined and explained what an IMEI number is, let us now discuss what IMEI TWEAKING is. Just relax, take a deep breath and let’s continue.


This is a jargon which is used by local geeks. It simply means the act of changing the IMEI of your android phone to another. Changing the IMEI of your android phone makes network service providers see your android phone as another brand of phone which you used it’s IMEI. For example, if I change my Techno P5 phone’s IMEI with that of a Blackberry, network providers will begin to see my android phone as a blackberry phone. Hope you’ve understood this?
Ok, let us now discuss how to generate and analyze an IMEI number:


IMEI numbers can be generated easily. Having discussed the various parts of an IMEI number, we could generate as many IMEIs as we want. Assuming I want to generate another Blackberry 8300 curve IMEI, I already know that the type allocation code of all blackberry 8300 curve are the same, I will just copy it out i.e. “35826501”. Having copied it out, I can guess the serial number by just choosing numbers at random, e.g.” 832807”, and then, choosing another digit e.g. “3” as the check digit. At last, I have “358265018328073”.
But, it does not stop here; I have to really check if the IMEI is correct and valid. All thanks to an app developed by Vndnguyen for android phones called “IMEI ANALYZER” which can be downloaded from playstore. This app will then be used to analyze the IMEI and find out whether or not it is valid. After downloading it from playstore, enter the IMEI and click on ANALYZE. It will tell you if the IMEI is valid or not.


1.In addition to checking for the validity of your IMEI number, it can also suggest a check digit by using LUHN algorithm. Just enter the 14 digits without the check digit, then click on analyze and immediately, it will suggest one check digit for you.

2. This app also breaks down the digits by telling you the part which is the type allocation code, serial number, etc.

Before I conclude this section, let me tell you that if you want to generate as many BLACKBERRY IMEIs as possible, there is an app that automatically does that for you before you could say “Jack Robinson”. This app is
“BBgen by Codeberg”.
You can download the application from the link below.

Having explained all of these, it is important that I explain a regularly encountered jargon associated with IMEI tweaking, “MTK devices”.


First, MTK stands for MediaTek. MediaTek is a company whose headquarters is located at Hsinchu, Taiwan which is specialized in chip sales and system engineering, etc. they build chips which are used in DVD players, mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. This implies that, all smartphones, tablets, mobile phones built with chips created by MediaTek are MTK devices. Some popular companies whose android smartphones are made using MTK chips include Techno, Innjoo, Itel, Infinix, Gionee, Elephant G3, etc.

Having understood what MTK devices are, let us now go straight to the big one “how to change IMEI of MTK android smartphones”. Do not feel nervous, it is easy to do, just follow the steps given below;


To change the IMEI of android smartphones, we make use of two applications for that. We are going to discuss them one after the other and then list the procedures to follow. These apps are MobileUncle tool and MTK Engineer mode app.  
Nervous?  Take a deep breath and let’s continue;

MobileUncle MTK tool:

This application is a powerful app developed by Njava which can be used to change the IMEI of MTK devices. In addition to this, this app is capable of displaying device info, information of device, running status, etc. The ability of this app to open MTK Engineer mode and edit its content makes it possible to change the IMEI of android devices. This application requires root access and may not display MTK Engineer Mode if your device is not rooted

MTK Engineer tool:

This application developed by TheMonster, just shows the MTK Engineering mode from where the IMEI can be viewed and changed. It is a specific tool for service mode unlike MobileUncle tool which has extra features. It works on virtually all MTK devices except itel phones

It is important for me to mention at this point, that this MTK Engineer Mode can be viewed without these applications, but works on some phone models. To view this MTK Engineering mode, just dial *#7465625# or *#*#3646633#*#*.

Ok, let us now go a little deep into how to change the IMEI. At this point, I presume you've generated the IMEI number with which you want to change.

NOTE: please copy out the original IMEI of your device in case you later decide to change back.
1.On the MTK Engineer mode, click on MTK SETTINGS, 

2.Then, swipe right to CONNECTIVITY,


4. Then, select RADIO INFORMATION,
At this point, there is a simple variation between single sim phones and double sim phones. It’s  not much, just relax ok?

1. Just select PHONE 1, and then tap on where you see “AT+”, without the commas.

2. Then, type any letter and delete it. After this, a list of options appears.

3.Select [AT+EGMR=1,7,’’’], then move your writing pointer to between the two inverted commas and then, type in your new IMEI.

4.After that, click on “SEND AT COMMAND”, then restart your phone and that’s all!
These pictures below can also help


The procedures for single sim phones can be done for PHONE 1

1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for single sim phones above

2.Then, select [AT+EGMR=1,10,””],

3. After this, repeat the other procedures for PHONE 1.

NOTE: Newer versions of android operating systems like KitKat, Lollipop and Marshmallow, REFUSE TO SEND AT COMMAND. But, don’t panic, because I’ve got a trick for that. After typing in the new IMEI, move your writing pointer in front of “=” and then, tap your spacebar and then, click on “SEND AT COMMAND” and that’s all!
What a journey! Hope you enjoyed the ride? Hope the aim of this article was achieved and you are happy? Drop your comments and share your thoughts. You can also like our facebook fan page at  Visit us regularly for down to earth and concise explanation of technological tricks, tips, and tutorials.

Top 3 softwares to monitor children's activities on the internet

The internet no doubt is a wonderful invention and has since been helping to make the world a global village filled with unlimited opportunities. It is also a wonderful world of its own, providing trillions of information on a daily basis to everyone. Children from the age of 8 now have access to it and can be on the internet for a very long time. The questions asked by all concerned are: “what do our kids do on the internet? What do they search on the internet? Who do they chat with on various social media platforms?”


Research has shown that many children get exposed to information that is not needed at their age, this information includes; pornography, bully, indoctrination into different societies and secret cults, etc. These issues are of great concern to any parent or guardian who wants the best for his kids.

Blocking their access to the internet is not an option because of its numerous benefits. Many parents and guardians don’t know it is possible to monitor everything a child does on the internet.

Some physical methods that can be used to monitor what your child does on the internet include;
1. Making sure he or she does not operate the device where anyone else can’t see what he or she is doing.
2. Keeping these gadgets in strategic positions in your home where members pass regularly. This will help you keep an eye on them.

But the aforementioned physical methods are not always realistic. This might be due to a number of reasons which could be that you don’t always stay with them at home; you are too busy at work, etc.
Apart from them, there are still other more convenient ways to
monitor every activity that your children do on their internet devices at your convenience.

As technology keeps advancing, many concerned tech developers have built applications that are capable of monitoring any activity a child performs on a tablet, Android OS, IOS, Mac and Windows OS.

These applications are smart and are capable of blocking access to some sites that are known to have corrupt contents, keep a record of all the sites a child visits each day, sends a report to you the parent, and allows you view social media chats and activities of your ward online from their servers.

We found out during our research that free versions of parental control applications are not just effective and have some hitches and so, we are going to review the top 3 premium parental control applications that can be used to monitor what your child does on the internet.


#1 NetNanny:

with the NetNanny app, you can monitor your child’s activities on the internet. It is available for Android, Mac, Windows, and IOS. It has the ability to filter website contents, block pornographic contents and materials, allow or block certain mobile apps depending on your settings, blocks gambling, alcohol and other related topics on the internet, remote administration and reports, email notifications if any improper content is found (sends the email to the parent or guardian), etc.

It does this by becoming the default browser of your child’s device (and disables other browsers). It also prevents the child from the device settings and ensures strict safe search enforcement on the device. It also allows you set the length of time a child can browse with the android phone. It also allows the parent or guardian to log in to the web-based console and manage everything about the family’s settings.


NetNanny has a package which is called the family protection pass which helps minimize the cost of purchase of a license for the product. It allows you protect a number of devices at a reduced cost when compared with protecting only a device. It includes;

i. 5 licenses for $559.99 yearly.
ii. 10 licenses for $89.99 yearly.
iii. 15 licenses for $119.99 yearly.

Net Nanny can be used on different operating systems

i. For windows, it works on windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista only.
ii. For Mac, it works on Mac 0S X, 10.7 or higher.
iii. For Android, it works on Android versions higher than 2.3.
iv.For IOS, it works on versions from ios 8 or higher.

#2 Qustodio:

this is also a wonderful tool that can help you monitor the activities of your ward. It blocks or restricts pornographic contents, limits screen time, monitor their activities on social media platforms, block text messages and phone calls, track a child’s location, has a panic button where anyone can press in times of distress, and sends an SMS to the parent on changes and also visits. It has both a free and a paid version but preferably, I recommend the paid version on the grounds of efficiency. It also has a web-based dashboard where you can view in details all activities carried out by your kid.


Qustudio’s pricing is on a monthly basis and includes;

i. 5 devices for £7.95 monthly.
ii. 10 devices for £15.95 monthly.
iii. 25 devices for £36.95 monthly.
iv. 50 devices for £71.95 monthly.
v. 100 devices for £135.95 monthly.

Like NetNanny, it works on a variety of operating systems; Android, windows, Mac and IOS.

#3 McAfee full-featured parental control software:

Have the same capabilities as NetNanny and qustodio. It blocks objectionable websites in up to 35 categories, monitors social networking activity by recording when personal information of the child is posted when profane or sexually explicit terms are used. It works on Google Chrome and Stock browser, disables any other browser that your child tries to use, thereby helping safeguard the internet for your child.

It allows a parent or guardian to protect files and other things on the internet that he or she declares inappropriate for the child and allows him to view the activities the child has carried out on the internet.

McAfee full-featured parental control software

It also blocks online TV and movie viewing on a device based on MPAA ratings, blocks inappropriate YouTube content with its outstanding filtering technology, stops kids from previewing and downloading X-rated music and videos on Apple iTunes and reports advanced activities like real-time message conversations. It has the ability to send text messages and email alerts to you if a child attempts to visit a blocked site thereby keeping you informed of the child’s activity.

McAfee full-featured parental control software

Mcafee allows a yearly payment of $49.99 on their application that can be used on 3 Pcs. It also has an android and IOS version.

Over to you:
The three aforementioned applications are not the only three premium parental protection applications on the internet but are recommended because of their efficiency over the years. With any of them, you are guaranteed that your child’s online activities are protected and also, their mental development is assured because they are protected from any inappropriate content.
We will like to hear from you. Make use of the comment box and suggest other premium parental control softwares, tell us how you feel about the ones mentioned above and probably your experience with any parental control software. Your comments are welcomed.


Password patterns to avoid this year 2018

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In the previous years, some password patterns have been observed to be repeated and often used by so many people. As a website administrator so many years of experience, I've become familiar with these patterns and they are regularly used by people to secure important things online.

It is pathetic how several accounts are hacked yearly because of the ease at which hackers guess passwords. Also, some webmasters worsen the issue in that they don't enforce good password security measures on theirs registration forms. In this article, these patterns will be discussed in a bid to help people about them or change theirs if they already make use of them. The patterns are obvious and also easy to guess.

Password patterns to avoid this year 2018

1. qwerty: as complex as this may look, qwerty is easily used by most people and is the first six letters on the first alphabet row of any standard keyboard. This password according to work experience, is used by so many people and they use it thinking it is secured. If this is your password, go immediately and change it to avoid your account being hacked.

2. First name, nickname or moniker+101: as weird as this may be, this pattern has being I'm existence for so long. People tend to attach the number 101 to their usernames and make use of it as password. Some accounts are hacked because of this and so, to be on a safer side, never you use this pattern for your password.

3. Phone number + initials: this is also a common pattern observed in recent times. In a bid to pass the password strength test of certain websites, people end up making use of theit phone numbers and initials as password making them susceptible to hacks by ethical hackers that are familiar with this pattern.

4. Year of birth: this pattern has grown in recent times because of internet banking and ATM use. Because birth years contain 4 numbers, many tend to use them as passwords or pins for their ATM cards and other stuffs online. I personally have use this pattern for so many times and found out that someone was making use of one of my online accounts with me and so, had to change it. If you haven't done yours, Better do that now and save yourself the danger of your account being hacked.

5. 1q2w3er: as hard as this password combination might look, it is among the trending password patterns used by people today. This password just involves interchanging the fore mentioned qwerty with 1234. I.e. writing them, taking one from each at a time. If this is your password, kindly change it to avoid loosing your account to hackers.

6. 1234567890, 12345, 11111, etc: this combinations are made use of by people who horridly create account or just wanted to use something they can remember. This makes it easy for hackers to easily guess and hack these accounts. Change your password if it takes this pattern for your safety.

Having discussed some password patterns to avoid this year 2017, it is also important for us to give out some password choice safety tips.

Password safety tips for the year 2018

1. Make use of words that are in no way related to you. I.e. words that cannot be traced to you, your friends, family members, etc.

2. Get an online storage space to save your passwords: getting to save your passwords online after making use of good password combinations is a right choice. Storage spaces like Google drive, Dropbox, etc. can be of great help. This is to ensure that you get them easily anywhere you go as far as you've got internet connection.

3. Log out of any device after usage: apart from your personal devices, it is advised that you log out of any device that you use to access any of your account to minimize the chances of your account being hacked or tampered with.

4. Get a password manager: there are premium softwares on the internet that can be used for password management. Search for them and make a choice for yourself.

5. Never make use of the same passwords for different accounts: this tip is to avoid the incedence of all your accounts being hacked at the same time. Making use of the same passwords for all your accounts can be so disastrous and so should be avoided.

6. Avoid phishing sites: phishing sites are sites that are designed to look like some well known sites and when you input your login details these details are sent to the hacker's email address or stored online making it easy for them to manipulate your account. To avoid this, make sure you check the URL of any site you want to login to in other to make sure it's the original site.

Over to you:
We've tried to list some password patterns to avoid this year 2017 and some password tips. It is left for you now to put them into practice and ensure the safety of your accounts online. You can tell us how you feel through the comment section below. Your comements are most welcomed. Stay safe, protect yourself online today.

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Softwares to help write job applications and business plans like a pro

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Many people have wonderful business plans that could make a billion dollar company but because of poor presentation of the business plan or the poor usage of the English language and other financial matters concerned with putting up a business plan.


Time is also an important commodity that we cannot afford to waste as businessmen and women; as a result, we want fast ways to write presentable business ideas on paper.

Also, some people have wonderful skills and are very hard working but because of their poor control of the English language, they can’t write nice letters and so, begin to fail in the interview from their poor letter writing.

Because of these, aforementioned reasons; I am about to present great tools that could help you write
excellent business plans and nice letters that will improve your chances of getting considered.

Some of these tools are online tools, some free and some premium software that is of great importance and I have tried on a personal basis and found wonderful. Certainly, the free tools will have some limitations that are available on premium versions. Trust me, the premium versions of these tools are worth their money.

Note: these tools don’t actually write the letters or business plans for you, they request you to input some fields with which they write them…. Not that you will just have to copy and paste stuffs written by others.

Below are some tools that can be used to write letters and business plans like a pro and save some time and energy:


Are you looking for ideas on how to write letters for different categories? Do you want to write letters without mistakes for your business, marketing, job applications, etc.? Easy letter writing in English is a right choice for you. It has more than 1000 letters in more than 40 categories that will help you and improve your English writing skills. You can download these letters that you have written with this application and print them out as your own.


It is certainly an excellent software for your business letters and personal life. It works on the Android operating system and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It also has an IOS version that could be downloaded from the apple store.


With this tool, you can test your idea on paper with quantifiable help built-in. It has different features like automated financial forecasts; that is, it automatically generates sales, profit and losses, cash flow and balance sheet forecasts from just some few inputs. It also generates beautiful charts and graphs for all your important reports in your plan, the graphs are designed to fit best industrial standard reporting criteria. It supports different currencies which makes it easy for you to use your local currency on the software and also provides some built-in support.

Some of these features are not activated on the free version but are available on an upgrade to the premium. It works on different operating systems like Windows 7 and later, Mac OS X 10.6 and later and Android operating system from version 4 and above. It can also be accessed from a browser. It works on new versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 9 and above.


This business planning software from StratPad helps you create a business plan and construct a project plan. It does not just help you create business plans but takes you through every step involved and makes you as an entrepreneur understand business fundamentals including a bit of strategy and a few financials by teaching you using their different courses online. These courses include video tutorials, webinars, workshops, and articles. Like the other substitutes, the tool creates the financials and other contents of the business plan from some input fields you are required to fill.


The tool also allows you connect with other business professionals from all over the globe and also solicit for funds online. It has different plans for their business plan, plan expert, unlimited plan and also workshop leader plan. These plans range from $8.25 to $199.95 monthly depending on the plan you choose.
It has the online free version which can be assessed from a browser and also a software version for your laptops, Android and IOS operating systems.


This software like the others is just a perfect definition of an easy way to write perfect business plans.
It contains 500+ sample plans, automatically generated charts and graphs, expert help and advice and other wonderful features. It offers multi-year planning which will help you forecast for years to come and also has the feature that lets you import graphs and charts from Microsoft Excel. It does sales forecast and prepares profit and loss accounts for your business plan.

It helps you present your business plan to over 3000 high net worth investors. With this tool, you can write the vision and mission statement of your company, marketing plan, product description, SWOT analysis, and all other sections involved in writing a world-class business plan. It also allows you to export the written business plan in different document formats like; Microsoft word document format, pdf, email and also has options for you to save the document to Dropbox thereby, making it accessible to you from any part of the world. The written business plan can also be printed from the application directly.

Like the aforementioned, it has a web version that can be assessed online through browsers. It also has software versions that work on different operating systems like Windows 10, 7, 8.1, etc., MAC, Android and IOS operating systems.

I strongly believe these great tools shared will be of great help to entrepreneurs and everyone that has great ideas but don’t know how to write a business plan. They will also help improve the way we write letters, thereby increasing our chances of being considered among thousands of other unemployed.

I’ll like to hear your experiences with any of the tools mentioned above, use the comment box and tell me how you feel. You can also suggest other great tools to help others.

How to make free calls on your android, ios, blackberry and pc

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Hello friends, today I want to share some ways through which you can make free calls on any of your device for free. Many of us do not make calls as we ought because of what it entails while some of us spend a huge sum of money on calls every day. I am going to share some applications that can be used to make free calls. All of them can be downloaded for free from any app store.

How to make free calls on your android, ios, blackberry, and pc

1.  Facebook messenger:  facebook, as we all know, is one of the most popular social networking sites with over two billion users. They recently developed this messenger app with which someone can call another online. But, the person you are to call must also have the application installed on his or her device. For you to make use of this application, you must have a facebook account. This application also has video calling features that can be used anywhere in the globe. It runs on many operating systems…… like android, windows phone, windows phone, IOS, blackberry, etc. and can be downloaded from the app store of any operating system.

2. Whatsapp messenger: Whatsapp INC, which was recently acquired by Facebook Inc,  is the most convenient way of quickly sending messages on your device to any contact or friend on your contact list. They introduced a free voice- calling feature earlier this year which is awesome. This application also runs on many operating systems just like facebook messenger and can be gotten either from the app stores of any operating system, from searching the internet for it or from the official website of Whatsapp INC.

3.Viber: Viber is another powerful application that can be used to send free messages and make free calls to any device that has Viber, from your Android device. Its video and audio features are very nice and easy to use. Its unique feature is that it can be used to call numbers and landlines that are not registered on Viber at low rates with their ViberOut feature.

4. Nimbuzz: Nimbuzz combines the power of the internet and mobile to provide quality chatting and calling features. This application can be used to call both numbers registered on Nimbuzz (free) and non-Nimbuzz numbers i.e. numbers not registered on Nimbuzz (at a low rate and can save up to 95% on your mobile bills). The calling to non- Nimbuzz numbers is done using the NimbuzzOut feature. Nimbuzz can be used on any device- Android, iPhone, windows phones and windows pc, Mac, Symbian, etc

5. Skype: Skype, acquired by Microsoft Corporation on the 10th of March 2011, is another wonderful application that offers extraordinary features like video and voice calling to mobile and landlines, group video calls, video messaging, text messaging, file sending, screen sharing, etc. It can be used to call any phone number whether registered on Skype or not and can be used to call anybody anywhere in the world. This application is also good for web conferencing because of its stability and cross-platform.

Others include:

6.Google Hangout.

7. Line messenger. 

8. Yahoo messenger.

1. All these applications mentioned above, require internet connectivity to use (either data connection or Wi-Fi connection) to function.

2. Some of them require that the application must be installed on each phone to be called and the users to be called must be online.

3. Some of the applications require updated versions of an operating system to function and so, check for compatibility before downloading any of them to avoid being disappointed.

4.  All of the mentioned application service providers have their terms of use and service.

Effects and ways to protect your eye from digital screens

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The creation of sophisticated devices with screen displays like Smartphones, computers, etc has indeed helped the human race in so many ways. Some of us depend solely on these devices and oftentimes spend about eighteen hours on them every day. Some of us are so fond of our Smartphone that we are ever busy with them. These screens emit ionizing and non-ionizing radiations like x-rays, visible light, ultraviolet rays, infrared, radio waves, etc. Although these radiations are emitted in low quantities, they cause some discomfort and problems to the human eye. Many computer operators experience various eye and vision related symptoms and discomfort.

                This article is meant to examine the effects of these radiations on the human eye and then propose some ways to protect our eyes from these rays.

 Some of the effects of digital displays

1. Eye itching: The radiations from the screen of devices, build up electrostatic charge in the vicinity of the screen. These charges attract dust particles and dirt to the screen, and this causes eye itching.

2.Dry eyes: Computer and Smartphone screens are by default placed closer to the eyes by many people. This reduces the blink rate of the eye and so, tears dry up faster causing our eyes to be dry.

3. Headache: Continuous straining of the eye causes head ache because our eye tries to focus on the displays that are so close to it.

4.  It increases our eye’s light sensitivity.

5.It causes blurred vision when stared at for so long and also causes neck pins.

Ways to protect our eyes from such effects 

1. Eye itching can be prevented by constantly cleaning the screen as prescribed by the manufacturers of your device. This will also aid screen visibility.

2.  Avoid operating your computer or Smartphone facing or backing unshaded windows because the difference between the brightness of your computer or Smartphone with respect to that of the window causes discomfort to the eye and brain. Windows should be shaded or located by the sides of the computer.Also, make sure a bright light is not above

3.Remember to always blink your eyes to prevent dry eyes and irritation. As has been said earlier, continuous staring at a screen reduces blinking rate. Reduced blinking rate cause tears to evaporate more quickly than when you blink frequently.

4.Adjust your screen brightness. Also, while reading e-books on any device, it is advised to read black characters on gray background because, their color combination does not cause discomfort to the eye.

5. Positioning the device: It is advised to place our computer or Smartphone at a distance of 20 to 28 inches which is the distance printed works are to be placed.

6.Take regular breaks: It is advised that you avoid looking at your computer and Smartphone screen all the time. Give yourself at least a 20 minutes break during which you try to gaze at a distant object.

7.Visit an oculist regularly to check your eye condition and also, wear tinted glasses or prescribed lenses.

8.  Screen guards can also be used on our computer and Smartphone screens to reduce the brightness and the rate at which these radiations reach our eyes.


I hope these tips help. Remember, our eyes are the windows with which we view the world around us, take good care of it religiously….. your comments are very important to us, share with your friends to help save theirs……   
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