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See the Top 4 Best Places to Spend Your Christmas Holiday.

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The yuletide season is always memorable to everyone as we spend them with family, friends and loved ones. There is always a feeling of making each and every yuletide or Christmas holiday the best by organizing different activities, outdoor meetings, etc. that will keep the family or friendship bonds stronger throughout the remaining part of the year and the preceding year.

best places for christmas holiday

On this article, we would be providing great locations to share the Christmas holiday with your family and friends that will leave an indelible mark that will stand the test of time.
These locations are top notch and were specially picked after series of researches in a bid to give you the best experience ever.

Best places to spend the Christmas holiday


as we all know, this is the birthplace of our Lord Jesus Christ and so, it will be indeed memorable to spend the Christmas holiday there. Although this is enough a reason why you should, there are other fantastic reasons why you should consider going to Bethlehem, West Bank to celebrate the holiday.

There are nice tourist attractions in Bethlehem that you could check out and there are guest houses where you can lodge for the holiday period. Some of the tourist attractions include:

  1. Church of the Nativity
church of the nativity
Church of the Nativity

  1. St. Catherine’s church
  2. Milk Grotto
  3. Shephard’s field
  4. Mar Saba Monastery
  5. St. Theodosius monastery and 
  6. Solomon’s pool.

The Vatican, Italy: 

the entire Rome is decorated during Christmas holiday with Peter’s square being the most decorated place. It is a nice place to be during Christmas and Christmas holiday starts in Rome from the 8th of December.

You might be asking what you would be doing in Rome throughout the Christmas holiday. Rome is loaded and you can visit several interesting sites during the season. Below are some of the great places and things you can do in Rome during this holiday:
i.                     You can work around the city and enjoy the wonderful lightings and the great decorations that are always seen on the streets of Rome.
ii.                   Visit Piazza Navona! Yes, this particular place in Rome is decorated especially during the yuletide period and thousands of people converge there to see and enjoy themselves with their family members and loved ones during Christmas
iii.                 Gianicolo Hill: on this hill, you can get a bird’s view of the entire Rome. Taking a trip to this hill will be an interesting thing to try out and they also have something for your kids too.
iv.                 There are also a number of concerts that are held in Rome that you can attend and enjoy the rich culture of the Roman people.
v.                   On Christmas day, the Pope gives his Christmas message at St. Peter’s square which you can attend and receive Papal blessings as well.

New York City:

Yes! The US city of New York houses the world’s biggest Christmas tree at the Rockefeller center. Also, there are numerous movies shown across the city during Christmas coupled with the beautiful decorations made on the streets of New York. Also, snow makes everywhere look more beautiful and sets the atmosphere for the Christmas holiday.

rockefeller christmas tree
Rockefeller Christmas tree

Just like in Rome, there are numerous things to do in NYC during the Christmas holiday and some of them include:
i.                     Ice Skating at different hiking parks like Bryant park, central park, etc.
ii.                   Visiting Santaland at Macy’s
iii.                 Going shopping at the different locations spread across NYC.
iv.                 We earlier mentioned the Rockefeller center where the biggest Christmas tree in the world is located

Santa Claus village, Finland: 

the famous Santa Claus comes from the mysterious Korvatunturi (“Ear Fell”) in Finnish Lapland. At Christmas, the village is decorated and filled with activities lined up for the holiday. There are several activities that will make your visit to Santa Claus’s village a memorable one. Some of them include:
i.                     Ice fishing
ii.                   An opportunity of crossing the arctic circle
iii.                 Zoo tours
iv.                 Skiing
v.                   Winter swimming
vi.                 Midnight sun tours: there are periods in the village when there are no nights. That is, the sun is seen all day round during this period. You get to see the beautiful sight
vii.               Northern lights tour
viii.             Snowmobiling, etc.

santa claus village, Finland
Santa Claus village, Finland

I bet you will love the sight and going there with your friends and family members this Christmas holiday will leave indelible memories. There are also other events, series of nine lessons and carols, Christmas stories told, and thousands of tourists gather there each year for these events.

From the fore mentioned great places, you can see that they are indeed the best. Christmas holiday and indeed the whole yuletide season would continue to be memorable if you bring out time and money to spend it in either of the places mentioned. I bet you will enjoy it. We would like to hear from you. Tell us about what you feel using the comment section below.

Remember also to share with your friends because as we all know, sharing is caring.

Ushers of Roses Agency - The Best Ushering Agency For Your Events

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Organizing an event comes with lots of responsibilities accompanied by its fatigue. The question of who will handle the sharing of food, drinks and generally the ushering activities of an event is always a nightmare to people who organize events.


Sometimes, getting the right people to work for you is very difficult. What about making use of your family members, friends, and loved ones? That one is the worst. They end up being partial in the sharing of foods, drinks, and other goodies at your event.

This poses the question “Where can I find trustworthy ushers to handle my event?” Don’t worry, we are here for you. If you are already asking the question mentioned above, then Ushers of Roses agency are here for you. Ushers of Roses agency is a team of young boys and girls that can handle all your ushering requirements for your event.

They are experts in the job and have been going to places for the job. In fact, they are the best in the job. They are always available and can attend events in all the 36 states of the federation and abroad if you want them to.

Members of the Ushers of Roses agency are beautiful and handsome young girls and boys that will not only make your event glamorous but also bring full youthful presence to your event.

Many happy clients have given reviews about the Ushers of Roses agency, some of which are:

“My cousin recommended the Ushers of Roses agency when we were preparing for our Grandmother’s funeral and I was pleased with their quality of service I must say. We didn’t get any complaints from our guests and none of our bottles and plates got missing”
-          Jay from Udi
“our book launch was lively enough, all thanks to the Ushers of Roses agency for their agile and perfect service. Their outfits alone, made me the happiest person on earth. I recommend them to anyone, anytime, any day”
-          Sam from UNN
“Where will I start to express my gratitude to the Ushers of Roses agency? Their service during our wedding reception was second to none and Yes, we really saw their impact on the faces of our guests. Should I talk about their outfit? The way they ushered in members of the high table and the beautiful and handsome members of the team…… Oh, I like them and will recommend them for your events”
-          Juliet from Enugu

What events do the Ushers of Roses agency help you handle?

The Ushers of Roses are experts in handling the following events:
  •        Weddings Receptions
  •           Birthdays
  •           Child and building dedications
  •           Meetings and end of year parties
  •           They also plan events for you
  •           Award nights
  •           Child naming ceremonies
  •           Funeral celebrations and all other social gatherings

How do I contact the Ushers of Roses agency?

There are dozens of other testimonials about the Ushers of Roses that we obviously cannot add here to avoid making the whole thing boring.
You must have been convinced by these reviews and might want to contact the Ushers of Roses. All you need to do is to call their CEO Miss, Apeh Udochukwu Cynthia via the following:
Phone number: 08100365123, 08153553248

Whatsapp: 08100365123

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How Can I Make More Money From My Multifamily Apartments Without Raising Rent?

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Being a landlord always comes with lots of responsibilities for your property. These responsibilities entail spending extra dollars on taking care of our rentals and increasing the rent regularly does not go down well with occupants of our rentals.


There are cases of litigations on the indiscriminate hike in rents and you wouldn’t want to be caught in the trap.

This leaves many with the question of how to earn more money from a multifamily rental apartment without increasing the rent. We will be x-raying the numerous ways through which you can earn more money from your multifamily rental apartment without increasing the rent.

Reserved parking spaces: if you have some parking spaces at the front of your multifamily apartment and the apartment is located in an area where festivals are held, you can make extra dollars renting out these spaces for participants who come with their cars to the festival.

Storage: when you bought your multifamily apartment, you might have found out there are extra spaces that are laying waste. Maybe some garage spaces, foundation spaces, etc. which you can rent out to be used as storage spaces. You might charge extra dollars for these spaces for your tenants or actually rent them out to outsiders for a fee.

Many multifamily apartment owners have earned through this. We had an interview with a single-family apartment owner and he has this to say:
“when I bought my apartment, I found out that it has extra 5 garages and a space in the basement and I had to hire them out for people who want to pack their old properties…. I made a couple of extra dollars from doing that and I was happy with it”
Laundry services: Humans cannot do without laundry and being essential, you as a multifamily apartment owner can leverage on this and rake in some more money. There are some apartments whose owners equip with laundry facilities like washing machines and dryers. They open up a laundry room where they equip with laundry facilities and then charge their tenants fees for making use of the facilities.
Most tenants prefer making use of these laundry machines as buying new ones are very expensive. For example, getting a new washing machine costs between $250 and $2050, dryers cost from $200 to $1750. Because of this and owing to the fact that they get to wash their clothes inside their apartments, they prefer to pay per usage of other laundry machines. For example, you can charge them $1 per load on the washing machine and around $1.75 for the dryers. With this, you rake in more money without increasing the rent for your apartment.
The best part of this is that they will willingly accept to make use of them.

Cable/internet: You can also reach an agreement with cable and/or internet service providers to provide their services to your apartment at a cheaper rate while you are paid some amount off it. This is a sure way of not only making your multifamily apartment attractive but also rake in extra money monthly.

Others include:
Yard services:

2019 Presidential Aspirants

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Over the weekend, so many political parties in Nigeria conducted their primary elections for the various political positions that will be contested for come 2019. This was due to the deadline of 7th October given by the independent national electoral commission (INEC).


There are so many speculations about the outcome of the primaries but after all, said and done, results were released and Nigerians are getting ready for the elections. On this article, we would be looking at the list of presidential aspirants for the different political parties that presented candidates, with their portfolio and all you need to know about them.

List of presidential aspirants for the 2019 presidential elections in Nigeria

Muhammadu Buhari - All Progressives Congress (APC): Buhari, as we all know, is the current president of Nigeria and a one-time Military head of state (1983-1985). He hails from Daura, Katsina state and has held numerous positions in government. He was born in 1942 and has been known with his fight against corruption in Nigeria.

He has achieved the following:
  • -          7th Head of State of Nigeria
  • -          15th president of Nigeria
  • -          Federal Minister of Petroleum Resources
  • -          Federal Commissioner of Petroleum and Natural Resources
  • -          A one-time governor of the North Eastern State

He is non-arguably the most experienced contestant for the position judging from the numerous political positions he has occupied.

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar – People’s Democratic Party (PDP): Atiku, born on November 25, 1946, is a man known for his building bridges of national unity across regional and religious lines in Nigeria. 

He has also occupied some political positions in the past and has numerous achievements which include:
  • -          Law diploma at Ahmadu Bello University
  • -          Worked at the Nigeria Customs Service
  • -          11th Vice President of Nigeria, (1999 to 2007)
  • -          A well-known businessman who has ventured into real estate, agriculture, trading, etc.
  • -          Established the American University of Nigeria (AUN) in Adamawa State
  • -          Given titles of the Turaki and Waziri of Adamawa

Donald Duke – Social Democratic Party (SDP): born on the 30th September 1961 in Calabar, Duke is a great man and was once the Governor of Cross River State from 1999 to 2007. 

Among his achievements include:
  • -          Cross River State governor
  • -          LLB degree from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
  • -          B.L from Nigerian law school, Lagos
  • -          L.L.M. in Business Law and Admiralty from University of Pennsylvania
  • -          Created the idea of the Obudu Ranch International Mountain Race.
  • -          Created the Calabar Carnival which started in 2004
  • -          Initiated the Tinapa Resort Project

Omoyele Sowere – African Action Congress (AAC): Sowere is a known media mogul, Nigerian human rights activist and the founder of a Nigerian online news channel the Sahara Reporters. 

He is well-known for the proposition that once he wins the presidency, Nigeria will begin the exportation of weed to countries where they are needed for medical purposes.
The 48 years old man has achieved a lot, some of which include:
  • -          Geography and Regional Planning at the University of Lagos.
  • -          Master’s degree in Public Administration from Columbia University
  •        He is a lecturer of Modern African History at the City University of New York and             Post-Colonial African History at the school of arts, New York.
  • -          Human right activist
  • -          He is the founder of the African Action Congress (ACC)

Fela Durotoye – Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN): Fela Durotoye is a well-known name when it comes to public and motivational speaking in Nigeria. He is a 47-year-old man from the southwestern part of Nigeria and has been the key advocate of building a new Nigeria since 2014.

His achievements include but not limited to:
  • -          Business strategist, motivational speaker, and nation builder
  • -          BSc. Computer Science and Economics
  • -          MBA. The Management of Change in Complex Organisations. OAU, Ile-Ife
  • -          Kennedy school of government: Harvard University
  • -          High impact leadership for a better society: Yale University, USA.
  • -          Has received an Honorary award from the African Young Entrepreneur's network
  • -          Has mentored over 13,000 leaders in business, enterprise, education, religion, and professional service.

Obiageli Ezekwesili – Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN): born on April 28, 1963, Obiageli Ezekwesili hails from Anambra State and has been known for her activism- the most recent being that of the BringBackOurGirls campaign. 

Her achievements include:
  • -          Master’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy from the University of Lagos.
  • -          Master of Public Administration degree from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
  • -          A trained Chartered accountant from Deloitte and Touche Firm
  • -          Minister of Solid Minerals (2005)
  • -          Minister of Education (2006)
  • -          President for the African Region by the World Bank
  • -          Co-founder of Transparency International in Berlin Germany

Kingsley Moghalu – Young Progressive Party (YPP): Kingsley Moghalu is a 55-year-old Igbo man who served as the deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria from 2009 to 2014. He is a professor of Practice in International Business and Public Policy at Tufts University, attended the University of Nigeria Nsukka and LSE (Ph.D.).

He is the current president of the Institute of Governance and Economic Transformation and a former United Nations official. He has received the prestigious honor as the officer of the Order of the Niger (OON) and is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (FCIB) of Nigeria amongst other numerous awards.

Do you think Kingsley can be the next president of Nigeria? Let us know in the comment section below.

Mrs. Eunice Atuejide – National Interest Party (NIP): Mrs. Eunice the founder of the National Interest Party is also among the contestants for the 2019 Presidential elections. She is an interesting personality owing to her numerous qualifications and her age. 

She is just 39 and has achieved the following academic and societal feet:
  • -          Legal practitioner
  • -          LLB, LPC, LLM, BPP University, London, United Kingdom
  • -          BL, Nigerian Law School
  • -          MSc. Business administration
  • -          Studied at the University of Siegen, Germany
  • -           Speaks the three major languages in Nigeria (Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba), French and German languages. She has also traveled to over 73 countries of the world.
  • -          Owner of EB Consults. Ltd: a consultancy company operating out of the UK and Nigeria.

Others include:
Ahmed Buhari – Sustainable National Party (SNP)
Alistair Soyode – Yes Electorates Solidarity (YES)
Edozie Madu – Independent Democrats (ID)
Hamza Al-Mustapha – People’s Party of Nigeria (PPN)
Obadiah Mailafia – African Democratic Congress (ADC)
Prof. Peter Nwangwu – We the People of Nigeria (WTPN)
Olusegun Mimiko – Zenith Labour Party (ZLP)
Prince Eniola Ojajuni – Alliance for Democracy (AD)
Tope Kolade Fasua – Abundance Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP)
Dr. Adesina Fagbenro-Byron – Kowa Party (KP)
Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim – Alliance for People’s Trust (APT)
Moses Shipi – All Blending Party (ABP)
Alhaji Ibrahim Usman – National Rescue Movement (NRM)

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Top Unpopular Tourist Centers You Should Checkout In Nigeria

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Nigeria, a country of over 180 million people is a West African country that is richly blessed with human and natural resources. It has different mineral deposits and crude oil deposits, rich wildlife, weather, and environment. It has also played host to different tourists from different countries of the world with popular places like Obudu cattle ranch, Borgu game reserve and the rest.


There are other tourist centers that are arguably not as popular as the aforementioned once and, in this post, we would be looking at some of these not-well-known tourist centers in a bid to influence your choice of destination when next you plan for a tourist visitation to Nigeria or as a Nigerian, when you want to go on vacation.

Some not-well-known tourist centers in Nigeria

  • Coconut Beach: located in the ancient city of Badagry, near the border between Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, Coconut beach is a beach that is made up of coconut trees. It can be accessed through the Lagos-Badagry Expressway and there is no charge for entrance.

Coconut Beach

It is surrounded by holiday resorts, vacation huts, white sand, palm trees and the rural feeling of the area. It can be visited at any time of the year depending on when you want to. You can get fresh coconut juice from the beach and ride on horse backs at low costs.

It is indeed a great place to go if you are planning on a vacation at little or no cost. You can also get guest houses around the area.

  • Ancient Kano Walls:  built and completed from 1095 to 1134, the ancient Kano walls is a 14km radius wall built in Kano for defense by the ancient people of kano. It has several gates and have associated sites like the Dala hills, Kurmi market and the Emir’s palace.

Ancient Kano Walls

The Dala hills is the first place where kano indigenes first settled at. It is seen as the nucleus of living in Kano. It is believed to be of great influence to the civilization that was recorded in the Savannah zone of the west African sub region.

Kurmi market is believed to be the oldest and largest market in Africa and is still in existence up till this day. It has lanes which consists of traders who trade on the same goods and services having the same lane.

The Emir’s palace on the other hand, was built by a paramount ancient ruler Muhammadu Rumfa and consists of 3 gates and a magnificent structure to behold. If you are looking for a place for your next vacation, then think of the ancient wall of Kano.

  • Osun Sacred Grove:  located at the outskirts of Oshogbo, Osun state Nigeria, the Osun-Oshogbo sacred grove is one of the not-well known tourist centers in Nigeria. It is located in a dense forest and is said to be the place of abode of the ancient Osun goddess of fertility called OSUN. The forest has several rivers that meander throughout the forest and there are several shrines, artworks that are dedicated to the goddess and other deities of the land.

Osun Sacred Grove

The Osun goddess is celebrated with a festival every year and this is a great time to visit the grove although it can be visited at anytime of the year. If you are looking for a great place for your next vacation, then the Osun sacred grove is a great place to visit.

The Yoruba people of the southwestern part of Nigeria are well-known for their rich culture and with a visit, you will be thrilled.

  • Ngwo Pine Forest: another beauty to behold is the Ngwo pine forest located at the outskirts of Enugu town along the Enugu-Onitsha road, Enugu state, Nigeria. Although poorly managed, the pine forest is a very good site to behold. It has several pines in an arranged order that are very beautiful.

Ngwo Pine Forest

The place can be used for camping, picnics, site seeing and every other recreational activity you can think of. The place also has a waterfall which is inside a cave built with limestone by mother nature. As can be seen from the picture, the pine forest has played host to several international and local tourists.

If you are planning on the next place to go for tourism, then think Ngwo Pine forest. The people of Enugu are good and God-fearing people. The city is also nice, with a wide-range of hotels and rest rooms where you can lodge and take trips to the pine forest.

It is advisable that you find someone that knows the place and take him or her as a tour guide. You can find someone around the pine forest all the time.

  • Ibeno Beach: this is a beach located at Ibeno local government area of Akwa Ibom State, southwestern Nigeria. It is a beach alone the shorelines of the Atlantic Ocean and is a haven for lovers of nature. The beauty of the beach as can be seen from the picture below lies on the endless white sand dunes that stretches as long as the human eyes can reach.

Ibeno Beach

The dunes have stood the test of time and have not gone with the tides and the sound of the breeze heard on the beach is just soul-soothing. It is also adorned with several activities that you can engage in while at the beach. Activities such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, boat racing and water sporting. The beauty of the beach is that it can be visited at anytime of the year as there is no time it is dangerous to visit.

The beach also has an array of tall trees that are very pleasant for rest or for other recreational activities.

There are also hotels around the beach that you can lodge in while you enjoy the natural bliss of the beach. Hotels like Bexco Guesthouse (which you can pay as low as N6000 for a night) and Sunrise hotel and resort (which you can find a room as low as N4000 per night).

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How To Use Mtn Cvm Free Data To Browse

Just this evening, Mtn rolled out a CVM free data that gave people 500MB by just dialing *449*2#.

Although they gave out the MB,  many people are still unable to browse with it. 

In this post, we'll be looking at a way through which you can use the free Mtn CVM data to browse. 

The data was just rolled out and be rest assured to get the settings.

Just drop your email in the comment section and I'll send it to you immediately I get over 100 comments on this post. 

I'm looking forward to that.  

How Can I Work Smart?

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There is this saying that working hard is not working smart and most people tend to do the former. This results in spending more time, energy and resources in doing things that ordinarily should be done in a better way and save time.


In this article we would be discussing the various ways through which you can work smartly either as an entrepreneur, a student or a professional in any field. 

Below are some of the ways of working smarter:

Make a weekly plan: this indeed will be a daunting task to many because of uncertainties that may occur during the week. However, successful people have a laid down plan for each given week which although not strictly followed, acts as a direction so as not to waste time at all and to do only the things that matter when they matter.

There are several ways of making such plans either on a calendar, paper or anywhere at all. However, making such plans on calendars and paper do not provide reminders for you and so, finding electronic ways of doing so is very helpful. 

There are applications and websites that provide such services that you can try out. Most of them are free while others are paid with several features depending on the providers.

Here are some examples of applications that you can use to make your plans for each day of the year:

Clara: Clara is a very intelligent email application that schedules and coordinates meetings for you. This application is very important because scheduling meetings is a very stressful task, choosing free times and all that. Clara has to be installed on your email from where it will work from. It does not only save time for you but also lets you get stuffs done. Checkout Clara and you will be glad you did.

Your smartphone’s calendar application: Yes! We often tend to neglect our smartphone’s default calendar application. But they are indeed powerful and can be used to plan each day of the week, each week of the month and each month of the year. You can set alarms for each event some minutes before the time. It can easily be customized to your taste and is completely free.

I make use of it most times and I must say, it is invaluable. this is a small tool that allows you set to do lists for yourself and your team members as well. You get to see the level of progress for each team members. You can also manage tasks and projects and assign them to team members.

Trello: Trello is another powerful application that helps you organize what you need to do every other day. It allows you assign tasks to team members as well and they can mark each task as done or yet to be done. It also sends reminder emails to you or your team members whenever the time for any event gets near.

It is fully customizable and keeps you and your team organized throughout the day, making you work smartly.

Google Keep: this is a wonderful application that was built by Google Inc. It allows you take notes, texts, images, audios and also helps you set reminders which is integrated with Google Now. It is a very good application and I tend to save important things I wish to remember every now and then on it. It is available as an Android application, iOS application and also as a web application. 

They are all synchronized with each other and all you need is a Google account in order to access this wonderful tool for the big brother Google.

Turn your phone off: this might sound funny but it actually is the truth. Statistics show many smartphone users spend more time on their smartphones every day. This has not only reduced productivity among the youth but has also caused a lot of damage to interpersonal communications.

The thing is, turning off your phone does not mean actually switching off your phone but rather means uninstalling applications and stuffs that make you waste time on your mobile phone. Like I do, I uninstall my social media applications once I notice they are ripping me off my time. I uninstall them when I find out I spend much time on them.

Also, knowing when to turn on or off your internet connection is very good for improved productivity and smarter work.

Don’t multitask: Back then we thought that doing several things at the same time is a show of how good someone is. But the truth is that whenever you multitask, your attention is divided and you end up not doing much on a particular task and may not finish any.

This is not a sign of working smartly. Start a particular task and finish it before starting another and see if your productivity will not improve.

Take regular breaks: after a long period of work, it is ideal that you go for a break. This might be in form of vacations or just some few days off. Most successful people spend time on vacations and tour the world in a bid to relax and improve their lives. It is often said that all works and no play makes jack a dull boy.

Plan for regular breaks as it will not only make you work smartly when you return to work but is also good for your health.

Automate as much as you can: thank God for advancements in technology. You can leverage on the benefits of technology and automate most things in your business or daily life. Payments, calculations of profit and loss, business schedules, email leads collection and feedbacks, etc. can be automated. This not only saves time, it passes for a smart work and will in turn increase your business’s revenue on a long run.

Conclusion: having outlined how you can work smartly, it is now left for you to choose whether to continue with your hard work or to work smartly. Leverage on these fore-mentioned ways and you’ll be glad you did.

We would like to hear from you. Did you learn a thing or two from the article or have any suggestion? Let us know on the comment section. It will also be nice if you share this post across your  various social media accounts and help your friends as well.

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