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First Bank Recruitment 2019

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First bank recruitment 2019 is active and you can apply.
First Bank of Nigeria Limited is a household bank that is undoubtedly the biggest bank in Nigeria. It has over 700 branches in Nigeria and has a very reputable status in co-operate governance and has grown to be the leading providers of banking and financial services in Sub-Saharan Africa.

first bank recruitment 2019

First bank recruitment 2019 is in progress and you can apply for the positions if you qualify for them.

First bank recruitment 2019 available positions

The following positions are available for the first bank recruitment 2019:

Requisition ID: 19000005
Work Locations: NG-LA-HEAD OFFICE
Schedule: Full-time
Job Posting: Feb 13, 2019

Requisition ID: 1900000T
Schedule: Full-time
Job Posting: Feb 15, 2019

Requisition ID: 1900000O
Work Locations: NG-LA-HEAD OFFICE, NG-OY-Ibadan, NG-EK-ADO-EKITI etc.
Schedule: Full-time
Job Posting: Feb 7, 2019

To apply for any of the First bank jobs, go to

By What Criteria Are the Applicants of Tony Elumelu Foundation Funding judged?

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The Tony Elumelu entrepreneurship foundation (TEF) is an empowerment program established in 2010 by Tony Elumelu which is focused on investing in businesses and startups owned by Africans.  We would be looking at the criteria used by the Tony Elumelu Foundation for judging applications submitted by African entrepreneurs.

It is a 10-year program that is committed to investing over $100 million each year in identifying, training, and funding ten thousand entrepreneurs across Africa.
The application for this year’s program started on the 1st of January, 2019 and ends on the first day of the month of March. Over the years, so many people have been wondering the criteria that they use to judge applications and how they select winners.

What criteria are used by the Tony Elumelu Foundation for selecting businesses?

Earlier this year, the foundation on their Instagram handle, brought out a list of the criteria used by their judges to select businesses that benefit from their program. Below are the criteria used by the Tony Elumelu Foundation for selecting businesses in no particular order:

Leadership potential and entrepreneurial skills: businesses that are selected are those that demonstrate leadership potential, capable of attracting people, customers, and resources on their own. This involves both the business owner and the business. Is the idea you are trying to get funding for capable of having steady streams of customers patronizing you? How do you intend to pilot the affairs of the business?

If your answer to these questions is true, then you are likely to be selected.

Market opportunity: do you as the business owner understand the market, customer, and competitors for the idea or business you want to get funding for? This is seen on how well you describe the market, the competitors and the customers in your application. If you seem not to have in-depth knowledge about all these, the judges get to find out and you know what that means?

So, before application, make sure you have all the necessary knowledge about this and then, put them in writing, showing how passionate you are and boom! You are likely to be selected.

Scalability: does the idea or business you are trying to get TEF funds for, demonstrate the potential for replication and growth for its product or service to create jobs and wealth? Does it have the ability to be done in several places and employ people? If yes, then you are likely to get selected.

Financial understanding: do you understand the basic financial requirements of running a business, costs, and revenues? This is easily seen in the way you do the calculations in your application. Most of the time, people who want to start businesses don’t know the basics of finance, costs and revenues of the business they want to start and they tend to fold up within the first year of operation.

Feasibility: is the idea or business you are trying to get the Tony Elumelu Foundation funding for feasible? Most times, we tend to submit ideas that we know can either not be done in this part of the world or that are just impossible.

Last words:
All Africans are given equal opportunities of getting the funding and so, you too can get it even if you are not from Nigeria where Tony Elumelu comes from. All the 54 African countries are welcomed so far as the idea meets the aforementioned criteria.
It is important also for you to note that your business might be rejected even if it meets the criteria above based on some other grounds. Some of which are:
  • If the business is more than 3 years old
  • The business is not based in Africa
  • The business owner or the application does not meet the other eligibility criteria for the selection.
  • You do not provide a clear description of what you intend to pass across in one or more sections of your application.

If you meet these criteria and the eligibility criteria, then your business is likely to get selected. Remember to share with your friends so as to make guided applications and get the chance of your business being selected.

You can also ask any question as concerned with the criteria used by the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) in selecting businesses for funding using the comment box below and we would get back to you immediately.

Must Read! Best Skills To Learn in 2019

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So, 2019 is here and you seem not to have a clear vision of what you need to do this year- in terms of skills that could fetch you some money maybe as a side or main job. I know the feeling trust me. In this 21st century, skills are the things that one need- digital skills because we are in a digital age where technology rules.


In this article, we will be looking at a list of best digital skills that you need to learn this 2019 if you want to make money or remain relevant in the IT world. These skills are not only for the year 2019 but for a lifetime.

Many people have built houses and established companies through these skills and they do so by offering their services on different freelancing websites scattered all over the internet. Some of these websites include,,,,, etc.

You can check these freelancing websites to have a clearer picture of what we are talking about. The truth is that anybody can learn any digital skill and all it takes is just to be determined, focused and dedicated to the struggle and you will get there.

Best skills to learn in 2019

This list is of no particular order i.e. no skill is better than the other as people make lots of money even from the skill you think is of less importance. A visit to the aforementioned freelancing websites will make you see reasons.


crafting great contents for websites, sales pages, blogs, and indeed for all digital platforms is a very great skill you should acquire in this 2019.

You can watch free tutorials on writing depending on the niche you want to specialize in on YouTube, EDX, or other free tutorial websites, read blogs that cover tutorials on how to write, or you can buy premium courses on Lynda, Udemy, etc. Writing is a skill worth spending money to acquire.

This is the era of eBooks and you could make lots of money researching on a problem, providing a solution for it in writing, sell it and make cool money from it. I wrote an article on how to get started HERE.

You can start a blog just like this one, write great contents that will drive traffic to your blog, and then monetize it using the different ways of monetization. You can use Google AdSense, ads, affiliate marketing, CPA, or even sell your products on your blog.

You can offer your writing services on several freelancing websites and make cool money. Some earn as much as $5000 to $10,000 dollars monthly on these freelancing websites as a side hustle, while doing their daily jobs.

Public speaking

This is another skill that seems to stand the test of time. In this 21st century, many people earn a living from making great video tutorials and monetizing them on YouTube, Udemy, and other video hosting sites. You can also make your video, advertise it yourself as a course and sell it to your customers for a fee.

Also, podcasts are made on certain topics, webinars, other forms of recording are made, marketed and sold to people who paid for them.

You can also utilize this skill by being an MC on occasions, get a job in media houses and the likes. On freelancing websites, you can sell your services by doing voiceovers, jingles, and drops, create advert videos and all that for clients and get paid.

You might be asking this question “Where can I learn the art of public speaking?” There are tutorials out there as well – free and paid tutorials on the internet from where you can learn these things. A simple Google search will show you a list of tutorials you can listen or read about on it. You can also learn this art by listing to podcasts and tutorials and noting their styles and then, improve on yourself.

Web development

Yes! Website development is a great skill you should consider as this year 2019 is starting. Almost all meaningful businesses are on the internet and more are seeking ways of getting on the internet.
Web development is a very vast field and there are several technologies. This makes it good for us to tell you that you can just choose an aspect and become a master in that area.


People have also made life easy by developing content management software (CMS) that makes it easy for people to design stunning websites without knowing how to code. Some of these CMS systems include WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, October, SilverStripe, MediaWiki, Kentico CMS, etc.

These CMS systems are designed for different uses but the most popular one used for designing websites for businesses is WordPress. It has almost everything you want and has beautiful themes, plugins, and supports that will make you build amazing websites without having any programming knowledge.

Apart from using CMS systems, you might want to learn how to write and build websites from scratch or almost from scratch. If this is the option you want, then you can start by learning web programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, node.js, Angular, etc. Or some frameworks that were built on these languages like Laravel, Cake PHP, Symphony and others.

You can find great tutorials on any website development language, CMS and everything that you want for free on YouTube. But if you want to get premium courses, then you can check out great tutorials on Udemy, Lynda, and other online schools. For a start, go for YouTube videos and grasp the fundamentals of web development and how they work.

You can get paid for your services also on these online marketplaces or you get your clients offline too. You can meet businesses around your area, show them samples of websites you have/can build and talk to them about the importance of owning a website. You can find information on the importance of owning a website HERE

There is also this misconception that not everyone can code which is NOT TRUE. All you need is to be determined to learn how to code and the sky will only be your starting point. There are medical doctors, barristers, school dropouts that code and so, you too can code.

Software development

Apart from website development, you can also learn how to build standalone applications for different operating systems. When I mean standalone applications, I mean applications that can be installed on operating systems and can work on their own without depending on others.

You can learn how to build Android applications, windows application, iOS applications, etc. They are not rocket science although they can be challenging.

You can learn Java, Kotlin, C++, C#, Python, etc. as regards the operating system you want to develop applications for. You might have to make some more research and know the best ways of developing applications for the operating system of your choice, all it takes and the development environments you have to set up on your machine to be able to do the job.

Just like the aforementioned skills, you can monetize these applications as well. There are ways of monetizing applications which could be by making some features premium, going for AdMob by Google, etc. You can also open an agency and develop applications for businesses to solve their day to day problems.

Tutorials on how to get started are scattered all over the internet and most of them are free as well. Just start today and you will be glad you did.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing includes all forms of electronic efforts that are made towards marketing a product or service.

This also is a broad area and includes a lot of things ranging from SEO for business websites or blogs, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, video marketing, web analytics (which one of them is discussed below), local listings, carrying out surveys, domain research for website URLs, development of strategies for marketing for companies, search and display marketing, web traffic generation and optimization, mobile advertising for businesses, influencer marketing, music and video promotion, etc.


The aim of every business is to make sales and profit in the long run. This makes this skill one that is well sort for. You can specialize in one of them, create adverts for your service and make lots of money from it. You can also write eBooks and start training people on it and make lots of money.

On for example, many people make thousands of dollars just from this skill alone and you too can join them. The good thing about this service is that it can be ordered by anyone irrespective of the background or race of the seller once the seller knows what he does.

Graphics designing

For other digital skills to make more sense, there must be graphics to throw more light on them. This is why the graphics designing skill is a very good skill you might have to learn this new year 2019. There are so many jobs to do once you have this skill and the good thing about it is that you can learn it for free on the internet.

There are also applications that are used for this – some of which are free while the others require some kind of payments.

Under this category, you can become an expert in presentation designing, logo design, flyers and brochures design, packaging design for products, illustrations, business cards and stationery design, web and mobile application mockup designs, book and album cover design, cartoons and comics design, portraits and caricature designs, T-Shirts and other merchandise design, 3D product modelling, photoshop editing, architectural designs, social media banner designs, banner ads design, vector tracing services, design of invitation cards, billboard designs, etc.

Some of these do not require so many skills or expertise to make money as there are platforms that already have templates or mockups for the different members of this category. All you need to do is to get registered on these platforms (like and edit the templates that they already have with the requirements from your client and within 30 minutes, you are done with it and you get paid.

There are other platforms similar to and you just need to search on them and make cool money even without deep knowledge of graphic designing applications.

Google analytics

Google analytics is a product developed by Google Inc. that helps business and website owners get a report of their website traffic which can be used for different purposes like marketing and getting clients to advertise. 

This tool is absolutely free and Google has an academy where they train people on becoming Analytics experts for free. You can check out the academy here and learn how to make use of Google’s measurement tools to grow businesses through intelligent data collection and analysis.

Last words
Having discussed the different skills to learn in 2019, it is left for you to decide on which one(s) to learn. The best thing to do with your year is to learn something new and make extra cash from it or even end up making it your main source of income.

Another thing that is worth noting is that “it is not enough to just learn the skill”. You will have to advertise yourself on social media, run adverts or even print posters and banners for your skill. You could imagine Google of all sites (going by their popularity and wide acceptance) still running adverts on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Start now and you will not regret it. Do you have any question regarding how to get started in learning any of the skills we mentioned? Do well to let us know about it through the comment box below or you can send us an email to and we will reply you immediately and clarify you if need be.

Do you want to let us know of any other skill that should be included to the list? Also, let us know and we will update the article immediately.

UBA Prepaid Card - Your Best Credit Card Option

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Finally, we get to experience the abroad experience with the UBA prepaid card which is a kind of credit card which once funded, can be used by anyone to shop online. Just continue reading as we tell you more about this wonderful innovation by the UBA group.

What is the UBA prepaid card all about?

Have you ever wanted a credit card that you can gift to your loved one, family member or your colleague at the office as a gift? Then this is for you. The UBA prepaid card is a wonderful innovation by the United Bank of Africa (UBA). It is a pre-funded, reloadable card that is accepted internationally on any platform that allows Visa or MasterCard usage in over 200 countries.

It is a very good and reliable option of giving someone a chance to get whatever he or she wants as a gift whenever, where ever and at their convenience.

Contrary to general opinion, the UBA prepaid card is not linked to any UBA account and can be likened to a wallet in which you just load money and then use or gift to someone to make use of at will. Fortunately, it can also be funded peradventure you exhaust the money in it and you don’t need to worry.

What do you have to gain for making use of the UBA prepaid card?

The features of the UBA prepaid card are as follows:
  • Has a 3-year validity period starting from the month of issue
  • You can transfer money to and from any UBA prepaid card
  • Just like the debit card, it needs a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which makes it usable in all ATM and POS platforms
  • You can get live tracking of all transactions done with the card.

What are the features of this UBA prepaid card?

This innovation by the UBA group has the following features:
  • As stated earlier, it is not linked with any bank account
  • If the card is stolen, you as the owner can retrieve your funds at will
  • It can be used in all terminals that accept VISA/ MasterCard as methods of payment just like UBA debit cards
  • Can be used for local and international transactions (it is accepted in 200 countries of the world). This makes it a wonderful travel companion. You don’t need to worry about cash anymore, just have your UBA prepaid card and you are good to go.
  • It is a very good alternative to giving cash to someone as a gift
  • Just like UBA debit cards, you can make use of the UBA prepaid card 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

How do I get the UBA prepaid card?

Getting the UBA prepaid card is very simple. Just walk into any UBA branch in your country and request for the card. As at the time of writing this article, they give the UBA prepaid card free of charge if you will load the card with a minimum of 10,000 Naira.

How do I activate my UBA prepaid card?

It is very simple to do that. You can do so at any UBA office i.e. right there when you go for it. You can also do so through UBA mobile/Internet banking, business direct, etc.

How do I change my UBA prepaid card PIN?

Just like the UBA prepaid card, you can change the PIN at any UBA ATM in your country of residence.

How To Delete Instagram Account

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So many people have been looking for how to delete Instagram account and, on this post, we would be looking at how to delete Instagram account on different operating systems like Android, iOS, windows and also how to delete Instagram account on a web browser.


Instagram, as we all know, is a social media site that was recently acquired by Facebook Inc. and is very powerful in that you get to post both texts, pictures, and videos, get followers and also follow people. It is a nice place to network and find clients for your business and most importantly, sell and get your brand known by a lot of people.

It is addictive, and many people have also found love on Instagram. Maybe you are tired of seeing the perfect versions of people online, tired of sharing pictures of how you are spending your day, or you just want to take a break and then, you are deciding to delete your Instagram account.

There are so many other reasons why you might want to delete your Instagram account which we are not going to look at in this post, but nevertheless, let's dive into the business of the day.

How to delete Instagram account

The ways of deleting Instagram account on different platforms and operating systems are quite the same, though some might be different. Below are the various ways through which you can delete Instagram account depending on the platform or operating system you use:

How to delete Instagram account on iPhone

To delete Instagram account on your iPhone, follow the steps below:

Step 1: open your Instagram application that is already installed on your Apple iPhone

Step 2: if you have not logged in, then you might have to log in to your Instagram account

Step 3: once logged in, click on the profile icon located at the extreme bottom-right corner of the Instagram app.

Step 4: click on the three lines at the extreme top-right corner of the screen that shows, and then click on the settings option at the foot of the navbar that appears.

Step 5: scroll down the page that appears and then select the help centre option.

Step 6: once clicked, this will prompt your default browser to pop out, click on either Just once or always and it will open up a web page on the browser.

Step 7: Select the managing your account link.

Step 8: on the next page that shows, click on Delete your account link

Step 9: select how do I delete my account? Question

Step 10: click on the link as shown in the image below and you will be prompted to sign in to your Instagram account if you were not signed in before on the browser.

Step 11: then, you will have to select a reason why you want to delete Instagram account and verify your password.

Step 12: once you select the reason why you want to delete your Instagram account and correctly entered your password, then all you need to do is to click on the Permanently delete my account button and you are done with deleting your Instagram account

After deleting your Instagram account, you can now uninstall the application from your iPhone and be free from Instagram for the meantime!

How to delete Instagram account on android

To delete Instagram account on your Android device, follow the steps below:

Step 1: open your Instagram application that is already installed on your android device

Step 2: if you have not logged in, then you might have to log in to your Instagram account

Step 3: once logged in, click on the profile icon located at the extreme bottom-right corner of the Instagram app.

Step 4: click on the three lines at the extreme top-right corner of the screen that shows, and then click on the settings option at the foot of the navbar that appears.

Step 5: scroll down the page that appears and select the help centre option as shown below

Step 6: once clicked, this will prompt your default browser to pop out, click on either Just once or always and it will open up a web page on the browser.

Step 7: Select the managing your account link as shown in the image below

Step 8: on the next page that shows, click on Delete your account link

Step 9: select how do I delete my account? Question

Step 10: click on the link as shown in the image below and you will be prompted to sign in to your Instagram account if you were not signed in before on the browser.

Step 11: then, you will have to select a reason why you want to delete Instagram account and verify your password

Step 12: once you select the reason why you want to delete your Instagram account and correctly entered your password, then all you need to do is to click on the Permanently delete my account button and you are done with deleting your Instagram account

After deleting your Instagram account, you can now uninstall the application from your android phone and be free from Instagram for the meantime!

How to delete Instagram on a web browser

To delete Instagram account on a web browser, follow the steps below:

Step 1: In your web browser, type and log in to your Instagram account.

Step 2: once logged in, navigate to the Delete your account page

Step 3: then, you will have to select a reason why you want to delete Instagram account and verify your password

Step 4: once you select the reason why you want to delete your Instagram account and correctly entered your password, then all you need to do is to click on the Permanently delete my account button and you are done with deleting your Instagram account

NB: If you delete your Instagram account, you will not be able to create another one with the same email, phone number or username again for life. You will also lose all the followers you have spent the time to acquire and also, no one will be able to find you on Instagram. However, you can a new account with another phone number, email or username whenever you want to and continue enjoying the social media life on Instagram.

Best Freelancing Proposal Template for Winning Bids 2019

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Many freelancers have complained to me via my email and other social media platforms that they do not win proposals whenever they bid for projects. This is really a big problem for most of them and they keep asking the question “what is the best freelancing proposal for winning bids?” I had to give the template that works for me and have fetched me some jobs on freelancing websites.

I have personally used the template I am about to give to you on freelancing websites like and I decided to give it out as a gift to all freelancers worldwide that are struggling to make ends meet by doing freelancing jobs online.

This best freelancing proposal for winning bids work and it is easy to compose and implement. A little child or a dummy can implement it and I know you are not one.

Best freelancing proposal template for winning bids 2019

To write the best freelancing proposal for winning bids, follow these steps:

1. Start by greeting the client: this is a very important thing to do anytime you want to write a freelancing proposal for a job. Greeting the client will draw him or her to look at what you are about to write.

This can be likened to how we do in our day-to-day life, and also works when used in writing freelancing proposals. You can just start with “Greetings,” Is this hard to do? I bet it is not.

2. Thank the client for providing the opportunity to do the project: this is the next step you should take after greeting the client. It is also easy to do and can be, but not limited to something like this:
“Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to bid on your current project, I am confident that I will deliver a top-notch service at the end of this”

3. List the skills you have that are related to the job in question: after thanking the client for providing the opportunity, then you list the skills you have that are related to the job. This will convince the client that you know what he asked for and that you are capable of handling it very well.
For example, if it is a graphics designing request, then you can write something like this:
“I am capable of designing a quality, contemporary logo as requested because of the following skills that I have diligently learnt over the years:
  • Logos and branding
  • Business card designing
  • Letterheads
  • Info graphics
  • Pamphlets
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Book covers and much more”

It is that easy right? Can you guess the next thing to include in the best freelancing proposal for winning bids? You might be right, but let’s move on.

4. Tell the client what he will get: if it is a graphic designing project, tell the client the various formats he or she will get the work delivered as png, jpeg, eps, etc. file formats. Also, don’t forget to tell the client the number of revisions you are willing to make peradventure he wants some amendments to be made on the work at the end.

Including the number of revisions, you are willing to make will further convince the client that you are genuine and that you have your customer’s satisfaction as your top priority.

5. When will you deliver? It is very important that you also tell the client the number of hours or days the job will take you and when you intend to deliver the work. This will ensure that he knows what he or she is about to enter into beforehand. If you will deliver in the next 24 hours, just state it there in the proposal and you add credence to it.

6. Provide links or attach your previous works: a client does not know the works you have done or how good you are at the job. For this reason, you are advised to either create a portfolio website, upload all your previous works and provide the link in the proposal. This will make the client check out your website and see all your works in order to make more informed choices.

If you don’t have money to open a website and all that, you can convert your works into a single PDF file and send it alongside the proposal stating that you attached samples of your work. This works for almost all niches like writing, graphic designing, SEO services, etc.

7. Never promise a client: it is strictly business and should remain that. You are a professional and so, sound like one at every point in time. Clients often check the tone with which you write the proposal and determine whether you are capable of doing the job at hand from it. Never beg them or promise them anything.

Stand your ground and try to prove why you can do what you said you can do.

Conclusion: with these steps, I bet you can write the best freelancing proposal for winning bids and get jobs on a daily from different freelancing websites. Did you learn anything new from the article or do you have any contributions to make? I will like to hear from you. Tell us through the comment box below or send us an email at Also remember to share the post with others to save a friend or partner today.

Best Way of Getting Google AdSense Approval 2019

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Google AdSense program is a monetization program organized by Google Inc. where they allow owners of blogs and websites to showcase adverts from their advertisers on the blogs and websites and get paid per click and depending on the number of impressions or other factors.

how to get google adsense approval

The Google AdSense program is a nice one but many people find it hard for their websites and blogs to get Google AdSense approval and many have applied for more than a hundred times and keep on getting the same response from Google.

In this post, I will show you a very easy way of getting a Google AdSense account approval that will not take long. This method of getting Google AdSense is so easy and can be done by anyone, including dummies and newbies.

I will not bore you with all the histories and stories like other bloggers do and will just dive into explaining how to get Google AdSense easily. Just read to the end and you will be glad you did.

How to get Google AdSense approval in 2019

The simple method to use in order to get AdSense approval in 2019 is made up of a number of easy-to-do steps that can be done within an hour.

To get AdSense approval in 2019, follow the steps below judiciously:

1. Create a new Gmail account and create a free blog on Google Inc. has an email service and also a blog service that we will make use of. Both of them are free and you must have known how to create a blog with

Just head over to the website and create a blog and when you are done, proceed to the next step on how to get AdSense approval in 2019

2. Go to setting and change the robot.txt file: Head over to the settings link on your blogger dashboard and disallow search engine robots from Google and other search engines from crawling your blog. This is important in the step on how to get AdSense approval because Google checks for plagiarism through this robot.txt file and so, when you disallow their robots, then the algorithm will not detect any plagiarized content at all. 

Remember to get a top-level domain as Google no longer approve websites or blogs that don’t have top level domain extensions.
If you want to know about the code for that, then check the snippet below:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

When you are done with that, then you are a few steps away from getting AdSense approval in 2019. Continue to the next step.

3. Publish articles: once you have disallowed Google bots from crawling your site, then you will have to post articles on your blog. These articles MIGHT not be yours, or you might write them yourself.

You can post about 10 articles and then check copy space to know if they are seen by any other web service or whether they will show where you copied these articles from. You will find out that it will not be marked as plagiarized contents.

4. Apply for AdSense: after the step above about how to get AdSense approval, then you can head over to and apply for AdSense. After applying, sit back and wait for them to approve the blog.

Once you get AdSense approval, go back and delete all the articles you copied, allow Google bots to crawl your website and then, start blogging the proper way and earn from your blog using AdSense.


The steps on how to GET ADSENSE APPROVAL have been tested and confirmed to be working as at the time of writing this post. Test it yourself and let us know if it works for you too. Remember to share the post with others and help them out.

We would like to hear testimonies from you. If the process works for you, comment below and let’s rejoice with you on the feet you have attained. We look forward to hearing from you.

How To Unblock URL on Facebook

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It is often so sad to see that Facebook has blocked your URL even when you have not gone against their guidelines at all. Don’t worry! I have got a trick that works very well and will ensure that they unblock your URL in a matter of days. This trick works like magic and will help you unblock your URL on Facebook and is as a result of my many months of trying out so many things.


I am not going to waste your time with the details of what causes a URL to be blacklisted or blocked by Facebook as the did have already been done.

However, it is important that I let you know that your URL can be blocked either because some people reported the link to Facebook as a spam or scam link, or you were spamming groups, Facebook users or pages with your website links.

It could also be because the contents of your site have been detected by Facebook bots as being deceptive or have kinds of stuff that go against their guidelines.

To unblock your URL on Facebook, just follow this simple step:
Create about 5 or 6 different Facebook accounts and appeal to Facebook preferably from a US IP address and then, wait for 2 days.

This simple trick works like magic and with it, I was able to unblock many URLs on Facebook and I hope it will help you unblock your URL on Facebook too.

Management Applications For Real Estate Investors

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As a real estate investor, there is a great need to streamline and keep track of all your activities, set reminders for different activities that are to be done, and do ambiguous money calculations on the go. Because of this, you need some applications that will help you save time and increase efficiency in your real estate activities.


In this article, I would be looking at applications for real estate investors that you will need to make work easier for you. Some of them are premium, some are familiar and others are totally free of charge.

Applications for real estate investors:

Quicken: with Quicken, you can manage your home and business finances all in one place. You can manage taxes, invoices, expenses, tenants, investments and indeed everything related to your business and property all in one place. They have existed for about 30 years, provide a 30-day money-back guarantee and their system is safe and secure.

quicken application for real estate investors

It is a paid application and has a Windows and a MAC version. There are many plans which include:
  • Starter plan - $34.99 per year
  • Deluxe - $44.99 per year
  • Premier - $67.49 per year
  • Home & business (for Windows only) - $89.99 per year.

They have a mobile app from where you can check your account on the go. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS users. You can visit their site and choose the plan suitable for you and your investment plan.

On this application, there are many plans and they have the following features:
  • Download your accounts from over 14,000 financial institutions
  • Track all your assets and liabilities for a complete balance sheet
  • Track business and personal transactions separately
  • Store contracts, receipts, leases, and any other business documents.
  • Spend more time on your business and less time on taxes with easy tax reports on business income, expenses, and deductions.
  • You can get paid in style by creating and emailing custom invoices directly from Quicken to your tenants, clients, and other business partners.

 Quicken is indeed a good application for real estate investors although it is a paid application.

Microsoft Excel: this is a well-known software built by Microsoft. It has diverse functionalities and fortunately, it has real estate functionality. Microsoft Excel can be used by a real estate investor for diverse tasks due to its financial analysis capabilities. 

Some of these functions include:
  • Keeping records of clients, their details and virtually everything about them
  • Carryout logic functions through developed spreadsheets for specific real estate investment scenario
  • Hyperlink, data validation, grouping and ungrouping
  • Goal seeks
  • Midpoint discounting and XIRR
  • References that can either be absolute or relative and lots more.

You can undergo free or paid Microsoft Excel tutorials online or offline to get yourself acquainted with how it works and how best to make use of it. It is really a good application that is worth using.
There are also developed libraries or models for real estate analysis using Microsoft Excel that you can check out, learn about and simply deploy in your analysis. If you are planning on being a real estate investor, then Excel is a very good application for real estate investors.

Wave accounting app: wave apps are completely free of charge! With no hidden charges and tricks. It is an accounting that helps you keep track of so many with their different products that are completely free. 

wave accounting application for real estate investors

With them, you can easily do the following:
  • Create professional invoices for free: you can create invoices and send to your clients for direct payment into your account, get paid on time using recurring bills for repeat customers, get all your invoices and well-kept for easy access and analysis.

You can create invoices in all currencies, send estimates and turn them into invoices upon approval, accept credit cards and bank payments to get automatically paid, customize the invoice logo and colors to suit your brand for free, etc.
  • Keep track of your business health
  • Make tax time a breeze
  • Collaborate with others easily
  • Automatic reports
  • Accountant-free software
  • Easy connection to PayPal, Shoeboxed, and Etsy
  • Exportable accounting reports that include profit/loss, sales tax, cash flow, comparatives, etc.
  • Customizable sales taxes
  • Ability to run different businesses in one account
  • You can check their website and get started with the application.
If you are looking for a free application for real estate investors, then check out Wave apps website

Money pro: Money pro is a simply built tool that helps you track and manage your finances, cut spending and become free financially by helping you achieve your goals. 

money pro application for real estate investors

It offers the following services:
  • Calendar: this helps you filter transactions by selecting dates on a calendar, schedule recurring bills according to their periodicity, mark days on a calendar when your bills are due.
  • Notifications: the system has inbuilt notifications that remind you of upcoming bills and scheduling capabilities for dealing with due bills even before their due dates.
  • Budgets: this is about the best solution Money pro offers because it lets you create budgeted entries, for both income and expenses, allows you add every transaction you have, monitors visual indicators for budget overspending, analyzes selected categories of your budget with charts for easy assessment.
  • Has a budget rollover feature that enables you to transfer leftover budgets to another period of choice and this limits you spending automatically if you overspent in previous periods.
  • You can attach photos of receipts for different transactions and also reconcile accounts automatically to determine available balance and balances that are cleared.
  • You can also get detailed reports on cash flow, income, and expenses, net worth, projected balance, transactions, assets/liabilities, easy search through your data, etc.
you can visit their website at if you need an application for real estate investors

Stessa: Stessa helps both novice and sophisticated investors make informed decisions about their property portfolio. It is completely free for individual investors but attracts a fee of $1000 per month for professional investors. It was developed by property investors, with investors in mind, in a bid to solve those problems they face.

stessa application for real estate investors

With Stessa, you can have a great reporting dashboard, have tax-ready financials, track income and expenses, be ensured of a secured platform for your data and money.

You can get started with Stessa in 4 simple steps; add your properties, connect your accounts, see performance metrics and run financial reports on them.

You can visit their website at to get started

Other applications for real estate investors include:
Yellow pad
Deal manager pro

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See the Top 4 Best Places to Spend Your Christmas Holiday.

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The yuletide season is always memorable to everyone as we spend them with family, friends and loved ones. There is always a feeling of making each and every yuletide or Christmas holiday the best by organizing different activities, outdoor meetings, etc. that will keep the family or friendship bonds stronger throughout the remaining part of the year and the preceding year.

best places for christmas holiday

On this article, we would be providing great locations to share the Christmas holiday with your family and friends that will leave an indelible mark that will stand the test of time.
These locations are top notch and were specially picked after series of researches in a bid to give you the best experience ever.

Best places to spend the Christmas holiday


as we all know, this is the birthplace of our Lord Jesus Christ and so, it will be indeed memorable to spend the Christmas holiday there. Although this is enough a reason why you should, there are other fantastic reasons why you should consider going to Bethlehem, West Bank to celebrate the holiday.

There are nice tourist attractions in Bethlehem that you could check out and there are guest houses where you can lodge for the holiday period. Some of the tourist attractions include:

  1. Church of the Nativity
church of the nativity
Church of the Nativity

  1. St. Catherine’s church
  2. Milk Grotto
  3. Shephard’s field
  4. Mar Saba Monastery
  5. St. Theodosius monastery and 
  6. Solomon’s pool.

The Vatican, Italy: 

the entire Rome is decorated during Christmas holiday with Peter’s square being the most decorated place. It is a nice place to be during Christmas and Christmas holiday starts in Rome from the 8th of December.

You might be asking what you would be doing in Rome throughout the Christmas holiday. Rome is loaded and you can visit several interesting sites during the season. Below are some of the great places and things you can do in Rome during this holiday:
i.                     You can work around the city and enjoy the wonderful lightings and the great decorations that are always seen on the streets of Rome.
ii.                   Visit Piazza Navona! Yes, this particular place in Rome is decorated especially during the yuletide period and thousands of people converge there to see and enjoy themselves with their family members and loved ones during Christmas
iii.                 Gianicolo Hill: on this hill, you can get a bird’s view of the entire Rome. Taking a trip to this hill will be an interesting thing to try out and they also have something for your kids too.
iv.                 There are also a number of concerts that are held in Rome that you can attend and enjoy the rich culture of the Roman people.
v.                   On Christmas day, the Pope gives his Christmas message at St. Peter’s square which you can attend and receive Papal blessings as well.

New York City:

Yes! The US city of New York houses the world’s biggest Christmas tree at the Rockefeller center. Also, there are numerous movies shown across the city during Christmas coupled with the beautiful decorations made on the streets of New York. Also, snow makes everywhere look more beautiful and sets the atmosphere for the Christmas holiday.

rockefeller christmas tree
Rockefeller Christmas tree

Just like in Rome, there are numerous things to do in NYC during the Christmas holiday and some of them include:
i.                     Ice Skating at different hiking parks like Bryant park, central park, etc.
ii.                   Visiting Santaland at Macy’s
iii.                 Going shopping at the different locations spread across NYC.
iv.                 We earlier mentioned the Rockefeller center where the biggest Christmas tree in the world is located

Santa Claus village, Finland: 

the famous Santa Claus comes from the mysterious Korvatunturi (“Ear Fell”) in Finnish Lapland. At Christmas, the village is decorated and filled with activities lined up for the holiday. There are several activities that will make your visit to Santa Claus’s village a memorable one. Some of them include:
i.                     Ice fishing
ii.                   An opportunity of crossing the arctic circle
iii.                 Zoo tours
iv.                 Skiing
v.                   Winter swimming
vi.                 Midnight sun tours: there are periods in the village when there are no nights. That is, the sun is seen all day round during this period. You get to see the beautiful sight
vii.               Northern lights tour
viii.             Snowmobiling, etc.

santa claus village, Finland
Santa Claus village, Finland

I bet you will love the sight and going there with your friends and family members this Christmas holiday will leave indelible memories. There are also other events, series of nine lessons and carols, Christmas stories told, and thousands of tourists gather there each year for these events.

From the fore mentioned great places, you can see that they are indeed the best. Christmas holiday and indeed the whole yuletide season would continue to be memorable if you bring out time and money to spend it in either of the places mentioned. I bet you will enjoy it. We would like to hear from you. Tell us about what you feel using the comment section below.

Remember also to share with your friends because as we all know, sharing is caring.

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