Fiverr or Blogging? Which One Should You Go For?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

/ by Apeh Ikechukwu

You have finally decided to venture into online money making businesses but you don’t know which one to go for. Whether to start blogging or Fiverr (a site for freelancing) and you decided to search online for an answer.

Fiverr or bloggiing? analysis of both

In this post, we will be looking at what each of these businesses entails and how to go about any of them.

Fiverr or Blogging? An in depth analysis:

Fiverr is an online marketplace that started sometime in 2010 and since, has been operating very fine. As an online freelancing marketplace, you can make money from it from anywhere around the world just with an internet connection, a device to connect and serious dedications to the business.

Fiverr or bloggiing? analysis of both
On Fiverr, you sell any digital product or service you can think of by creating gigs. These gigs serve as spots from which you get buyers to apply for your services.

What makes Fiverr awesome?

I have been a freelancer on Fiverr since 2016 and I must say that the platform is one of the very best. I have earned an appreciable amount of money from the platform and I have these to say about Fiverr:

You work whenever you want: yes, you apply to buyers requests anytime you want and can decide to go on vacation anytime and don’t have to answer any query. This makes it possible for you to combine it with any other job you want.

You make money faster: When compared to blogging, on Fiverr, you can make money on the go once you get a buyer to buy your services. Your money gets cleared after 14 days and you can cash out immediately. No need for sourcing traffic, applying for affiliate or AdSense, or any advertisement companies to place their ads on your site.

You keep all the profits: Yes, this is true about freelancing. Although Fiverr deducts $1 from every $5 you make, the business is very cool when compared with other businesses done online.  Once your money is cleared, you can cash out immediately.

Your skills pay your bills: Yes! Because Fiverr has a wide range of services that you can join, you get to find a niche that fits your skill and make money from it. Having more than one skill would mean you will have a wide range of buyers and you get to make more money.

Clear and easy to understand platform: their platform is easy and you can understand everything about it in a short while. This will make you earn fast because you get to know your way around the platform. Also, there are so many videos that you can watch so many tutorials and other things that will ease your familiarizing with the platform.

What are the downsides (cons) of Fiverr?

There are also downsides of Fiverr as an online platform that you will need to know before you venture into it.

The time it takes for the money to get cleared: after you deliver a work and it is marked completed, as a new seller or a level 2 seller, your money stays for 14 days before it can be withdrawn. This is reduced to 7 days if you reach the rank of a top rated seller. This means that if you cannot wait for the money you make to get cleared, then you might find this business not nice to start.

They get to take 20% of your revenue: I said this earlier. Fiverr takes $1 out of every $5 you make from the platform and some see this as being pretty big. But when you look at it from a developer’s point of view, you will see that it is not that big. With a site of that nature, it will require regular maintenance, server maintenance, security of their network to prevent hackers, etc.

The ways of withdrawing your revenue are limited: on Fiverr, you get to withdraw your revenue through PayPal, Fiverr revenue card (provided by Payoneer) or through wire transfer (works only for people in the U.S). This poses a kind of worry for some people especially for Africans that their government disallowed receiving payment from PayPal.

 Also, their Fiverr revenue card takes forever to reach some places. I applied for this card since 2016 and up until now, it hasn’t arrived. To solve this, I sell my funds to Nigerians who have foreign PayPal accounts and get paid the Naira equivalent to my local bank account.

Insufficient seller rights: on Fiverr as a seller, you don’t have the privilege of rejecting an order once a buyer has sent the order. The only way to reject it is by canceling the order after he or she might have placed it. This, in turn, makes your reputation on the platform decrease.

Why blogging is awesome?

I have also been a blogger for about 3 years now and to be sincere, blogging takes time before you will start seeing useful results from it. It takes time and patience before you will start making money from blogging. Below are some of the advantages (pros) of blogging:

Fiverr or bloggiing? analysis of both

You get to establish yourself as an expert in your field:  if you are a professional in any field, blogging about that field and gaining more audience will make you an expert in that field. This will mean that you will be quoted and get recommendations from everyone that comes across your site.  With time, you will gain popularity and you will enjoy the benefits after some time.

Make money while you are asleep: if you get a steady source of traffic and becomes an authority in your blog, you will rest assured of steady income even while you sleep. You might have heard of so many people that have made it in blogging like Harsh, Seth, etc. These bloggers make lots of dollars monthly with little efforts.

All you have to do is place adverts from different advertising platforms on your site or sell products to your audience on autopilot and you are good to go.

Express yourself: your blog is your window to the world and you own it. You can express your views on certain things you feel like, get recommendations and improve people’s trust in you. You can also set yourself on the path of being famous and a celebrity through your blog.

The flexibility of work: As a blogger, you get to post anything you want anytime and choose to go on vacation anytime you want. You can also with few posts make thousands of dollars if well promoted to the right audience. You can also be a travel blogger, travel around the world, write about what you see with awesome pictures and get paid to do so.

Your writing and presentation skill improve: as you read other people’s posts and write yours, you get to improve your writing and presentation skills. This is a natural thing and when you come out to speak, people will be marveled because of your skill.

You can easily promote your business: If your blog gets a large audience, you can promote your offline business or any business you want to. This will increase your chances of making extra money and your customer base too.

You don’t need any special skill or education to become successful: You don’t need a special skill or education to become successful in blogging and in fact, you can blog with your local language, target people who read and understand your local language and become rich.

What are the downsides (cons) of blogging?

It takes time: we have already established this about blogging. Blogging takes time before you start seeing results. With this time, you need to do a nice work or else, you might end up not seeing the results for life.

It requires some techie knowhow:  although this can be outsourced, blogging needs some technical know-how for you to do it on your own and save some money. This can be outsourced; you can find someone who knows how to design and optimize a blog to do the tech aspects for you and then, continue blogging.

It needs initial capital to start: blogging requires some starting capital for you to make some money with it. You will need to buy a domain name, hosting plan (if you do not want to make use of free hosting. Free hosting is not advised except the one provided by Google - blogger). You also need some money to promote your blog, run adverts on Facebook, other blogs, etc.

It requires lots of content: for you to succeed in blogging, you will have to write so many contents which are unique so as to attract people to your site. You can also outsource this if you have the money to do that. You can go to any freelancing site like Fiverr and find someone to write articles for you. Also, the need to right niche based articles and coming up with titles that will reflect your niche is also an issue.

Having analyzed blogging and Fiverr, it is left for you to decide which one you want to go into. You can also go into both of them but not at once. If you don’t have the money to go into blogging, you can use Fiverr or other freelancing sites to make the money and then venture into blogging.
We would like to hear from you; do you have any question, comments or suggestion? Make use of the comment section and we will be glad to assist you. Thanks for reading.

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