How To Make Money Through Land Flipping: A Concise Guide

Thursday, September 14, 2017

/ by Apeh Ikechukwu

What really land flipping you may ask?

Land flipping is the art of buying of lands at a price and selling it at a higher price and make a huge profit. This is a type of real estate investment that has the least risk and least overhead cost. It is also neglected by so many because they don’t really know about it and how it can make them so rich.

With this form of business, you can make up to 200% of your investment within a month. Yes! A month I said.

make money through land flipping

It is worthy of note that real estate investments can never be compared with any other form of investment like cryptocurrency and this is because the prices of these virtual currencies are volatile and fluctuate over time while land and other real estate properties are solid investments and appreciate by the day.

In this article, we would be looking at some reasons why land flipping is a nice form of real estate investment to go into and some tips on how to make it in the venture.

Reasons why land flipping is the best form of real estate investment

There are other forms of real estate investment which include investments on houses (house flipping), property development (this involves acquiring properties in nice locations, developing them into luxurious apartments and then selling them out), rental property investments (you buy a property and rent it out to people) and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

These other forms of real estate investments require that you spend a lot in maintaining the property, etc. we would be looking into these in a bit.

Lower cost: it is just a land remember? Because of this, the price is quite lower than buying a developed property because you have to buy both the property and the land. This makes this business ideal for people who have low capital and still wants to get rich.

No need to check on the property often:  yes! As against most of the other forms of real estate investment you don’t need to visit the property often and no cost of maintenance of the property.

Less stress: if you do not want to be stressed with the ups and downs of real estate investment, then you should have to go for land flipping. Some of the stresses like dealing with tenants, paying house tax, dealing with mold, and other issues associated with buildings, having to hire care takers and all that.

We all know the type of a headache that property owners face when it comes to relationships with tenants, government, etc. and you would not want to face such.

Ease of sale: you don’t need much advertisement before you sell the land. You just need the land to be in an area that is fast developing or developed. Also, you don’t have any emotional attachment because you don’t live in it.
 Also with the advent of the internet and technology, you can sell your land easily. There are thousands of websites where you can auction your land and get the deal done from the comfort of your room.

You have rest of mind: lands appreciate over the years and since there is nothing in it to maintain, you don’t spend much.

How to make money flipping lands

The key to making money from land flipping is to be very smart in the business. Tom a land flipping expert has this to say
I started land flipping with as low as $1000 and within two months, I made over 250% ROI from it. How did I do it? I bought a bushy land in a developing area of USA and cleared it and cut down some trees in it. After that, I auctioned the land on one popular real estate site with a very good landing page and within a short-while, I got so many biddings and had to choose from them. We sealed the deal and he paid me.

Tips to make you succeed in land flipping business

To be successful in this form of real estate investment, follow these tips:

Be sure to do a thorough research before you purchase the land. Research and find out if the area is fast developing, or already developed. The more developed the area is, the more profit you are likely to make from the land.

Also, make sure the seller is the rightful owner of the land or if you got connected via an agent, find out if he is genuine.

Do some work on the land: doing some work on the land will increase the amount of profit you make from it. If the land has no road, put a road to it, find surveyors make necessary surveys on the land with survey lines marked, hype the land by writing a wonderful description of all its features and kinds of stuff that will make the buyer have no other option than buying it.

If you cannot write so well, employ the services of experts in the field and get a very nice description written. Then run adverts on the land. You can utilize social media sites, posters and other forms of advertisement.

Do not get so attached to the property so as to make it easy for you to sell. Some people sometimes get so attached to their land that they wouldn’t want to sell if after purchase. Just have in mind that it is a business and that you are out to make money.

Hope you were educated? Venture into this land flipping business and make money before it gets flooded. If you have any questions or suggestions, make use of the comment section and tell us about it. Have you already started this business? We would like to hear from you too.

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