How to Identify A Scammer Online

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

/ by Apeh Ikechukwu

The hardship all over the world has made so many people find dubious ways of making a living both online and offline. They create fake celebrity accounts or accounts of people with reputable characters and scam people with it. These are seen daily and is on the increase. 

We have heard several stories of people getting scammed and many more are falling victims of this daily. We would be looking at ways of identifying a scammer online in a bid to save you from their tricks


How to identify a scammer online

Below are different ways
They usually offer mouthwatering and unrealistic businesses: although people and businesses sometimes offer outrageous discounts and business deals, there are some deals you would easily identify as being fraudulent.

For example, if someone comes online and posts about selling a Mercedes Benz for a little amount of money, then you would know it is scam. That is, their prices are just too low that only the gullible ones fall for it.

I once saw a post on Facebook of one guy that took a picture with so many iPhone X smartphones and below the picture he wrote “We sell brand new iPhone X smartphones for just $50 with free shipping all over the world”. Is this not so low? And the funniest part was that so many people were commenting that they needed it, dropping their phone numbers and all that. I am sure he ended up scamming many of them.

They usually have few posts on their walls: scammers only make use of their fake accounts to scam. Because of this, they do not have much posts on their walls and even if they do, it would only be about their outrageous offers. You can easily detect a scammer with this.

How can a celebrity or a respected person always post offers all the time without posting about other things like events, outings and the likes? That’s a clear indication that the account is a scam account. Be sure to check out the profiles of any account you wish to carryout a business transaction with.

They are always in a hurry to complete transactions: most of these scammers always want to finish transactions immediately you indicate interest. Although some legit businesses and individuals do this, you would some kind of replies from these scammers urging you to make payments and all that even when you give them your word that you would make payments in a day’s time.

They have few friends or followers: yes! This is also true with fake accounts. They have few friends or followers and this is because they delete and block people once they succeed in scamming them. Just go through their friend’s list if it is on Facebook or through their follower’s list on other social media sites and you will notice they have this in common.

Although some of them could manage to gather several followers, they have few comments, shares or likes on their posts and this should also serve as a guide for you.

Be very careful online and avoid scammers. Research about anyone you want to transact with very well before doing so. Times are hard and for you to be safe, then apply these ways of identifying them.

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