Importance of Videos In Business Advertisement

Thursday, August 30, 2018

/ by Apeh Ikechukwu

In business, it is one thing to place adverts on different advertising platforms like social media, Google AdWords and any other platform, and it is another to get them retained by your target audience. So many of our target audience just read our adverts and go their way.


From research, it is seen than people tend to retain 58% of both visual and audio stimulation which is what videos are all about. If you have not been leveraging on videos for your advertisement, then you might be losing out.

In this article, we would be looking at the importance of videos to business adverts. Just relax as we take you through the importance.

Importance of videos to business advertisement

1 video increase conversion rates: the conversion rates are observed to be increased by 80% when a video is included in the landing page or advert. Videos can make viewers leads just because of the video they watched. Also, sometimes using videos convey better information about a product or service you are trying to market than mere words.

If you can get a good marketer to talk about your product in a video, you will surely see an increase in conversion rates for your adverts. It is however not a must to have a marketer on your video. You can use animations and animated characters too.

2 videos are loved by search engines: recent updates on search engine algorithms put more interest in videos that engage audience more than texts. This can be seen in search results as pages with videos get more visits from search engines. Also, putting your adverts on YouTube (which is the second search engine after Google) will increase visits. Just make use of the right keywords and titles and you will see conversions for your product.

3 videos improve your company or business’s credibility and trust: if you continue making videos that are engaging and explain all the customer needs to know about your product, it builds their trust in your business. When they find out from other sources or researches that what you told them are true, they tend to recommend your videos to their friends and buy from you.

4 it increases social shares: people tend to share interesting videos with their colleagues and on social media if they find it funny, educative or interesting. All you need to do, is to make videos that are a bit funny or entertaining and at the same time, add your product at the end or somewhere and you will see the magic.

You might have come across a video that looks like a comic and at the same time advertises a product, right? Yes! We all have seen such videos and we really like them.

How then do I get these videos?

This is a very good question that I believe you asked. If you have in-house graphic designers, you can tell them to make these videos for you and add all the stuffs you want to add. If you are a sole proprietor, then you might to employ the services of freelancers on, Upwork or any other website. You can also employ nearby designers to do the work on a part-time basis.

You can also learn how to make such videos in your spare time. There are applications for smartphones and computers that are built to help you do that. A little search will reveal them to you.

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