What Are The Qualities Of Successful Entrepreneurs?

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

/ by Apeh Ikechukwu

So, you might have been asking this very important question; “what are the qualities of successful entrepreneurs?” It might be one you wish to know and maybe improve on yourself in a bid to make you join the league of successful entrepreneurs.


In this article, I would be looking at some qualities of successful entrepreneurs and how you can make them part of you.

Qualities of successful entrepreneurs

A clear sense of direction: this is about the most important quality of successful people. They have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and all their actions are channeled towards achieving it. 

Have you got an idea? Do you wish to make your business excel? Then you have to focus on it full time. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook at some point had a proposal from a twin to work on a project for them. He had to ditch it and concentrate on his project and today, we can see how big his idea has grown.

The thing with most people is that once they do not see profit from their idea, they tend to ditch it for another thereby not making it big. This is not to say that it is a bad idea to change a line of business or to try another idea if the present one is not working out fine.

Persistence: this is yet another vital quality of successful entrepreneurs. They do not give up on ideas, situations, etc. easily. They continue with the idea until it becomes a success. They are not cowed by any present state or any stumbling back.

They make decisions from the onset never to give up no matter what happens. You should also have this resolution in your daily activities so as to be a successful entrepreneur too.

Self-discipline: successful entrepreneurs are very disciplined in their quest to achieve greatness. They try as much as possible to remain focused at making their business idea work elimination any hinderance or distractions. They are so disciplined with laid down rules, steps and everything necessary to make their dreams a reality.

That does not mean they do not have time for leisure or for staying with loved ones, rather they have their life all planned out and followed, doing things as and at when due.

Passion: successful entrepreneurs have passion for whatever they put their minds to do. They involve themselves in things that they know they are passionate about. Passion backed up with determination drives them to success. It also makes them want to try it out again and again after several falls.

Not afraid to take risks: entrepreneurs are risk takers. If you wish to make it in entrepreneurship, you have to take risks every now and then. Greatness is only for risk takers. The risks meant in this context are calculated risks and not just any type of risk.

They weigh the potentials involved in a business, whether it is worth the time and investment before going into it. They determine whether or not to venture into a business by conducting extensive studies about it.

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