See the Top 4 Best Places to Spend Your Christmas Holiday.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

/ by Apeh Ikechukwu

The yuletide season is always memorable to everyone as we spend them with family, friends and loved ones. There is always a feeling of making each and every yuletide or Christmas holiday the best by organizing different activities, outdoor meetings, etc. that will keep the family or friendship bonds stronger throughout the remaining part of the year and the preceding year.

best places for christmas holiday

On this article, we would be providing great locations to share the Christmas holiday with your family and friends that will leave an indelible mark that will stand the test of time.
These locations are top notch and were specially picked after series of researches in a bid to give you the best experience ever.

Best places to spend the Christmas holiday


as we all know, this is the birthplace of our Lord Jesus Christ and so, it will be indeed memorable to spend the Christmas holiday there. Although this is enough a reason why you should, there are other fantastic reasons why you should consider going to Bethlehem, West Bank to celebrate the holiday.

There are nice tourist attractions in Bethlehem that you could check out and there are guest houses where you can lodge for the holiday period. Some of the tourist attractions include:

  1. Church of the Nativity
church of the nativity
Church of the Nativity

  1. St. Catherine’s church
  2. Milk Grotto
  3. Shephard’s field
  4. Mar Saba Monastery
  5. St. Theodosius monastery and 
  6. Solomon’s pool.

The Vatican, Italy: 

the entire Rome is decorated during Christmas holiday with Peter’s square being the most decorated place. It is a nice place to be during Christmas and Christmas holiday starts in Rome from the 8th of December.

You might be asking what you would be doing in Rome throughout the Christmas holiday. Rome is loaded and you can visit several interesting sites during the season. Below are some of the great places and things you can do in Rome during this holiday:
i.                     You can work around the city and enjoy the wonderful lightings and the great decorations that are always seen on the streets of Rome.
ii.                   Visit Piazza Navona! Yes, this particular place in Rome is decorated especially during the yuletide period and thousands of people converge there to see and enjoy themselves with their family members and loved ones during Christmas
iii.                 Gianicolo Hill: on this hill, you can get a bird’s view of the entire Rome. Taking a trip to this hill will be an interesting thing to try out and they also have something for your kids too.
iv.                 There are also a number of concerts that are held in Rome that you can attend and enjoy the rich culture of the Roman people.
v.                   On Christmas day, the Pope gives his Christmas message at St. Peter’s square which you can attend and receive Papal blessings as well.

New York City:

Yes! The US city of New York houses the world’s biggest Christmas tree at the Rockefeller center. Also, there are numerous movies shown across the city during Christmas coupled with the beautiful decorations made on the streets of New York. Also, snow makes everywhere look more beautiful and sets the atmosphere for the Christmas holiday.

rockefeller christmas tree
Rockefeller Christmas tree

Just like in Rome, there are numerous things to do in NYC during the Christmas holiday and some of them include:
i.                     Ice Skating at different hiking parks like Bryant park, central park, etc.
ii.                   Visiting Santaland at Macy’s
iii.                 Going shopping at the different locations spread across NYC.
iv.                 We earlier mentioned the Rockefeller center where the biggest Christmas tree in the world is located

Santa Claus village, Finland: 

the famous Santa Claus comes from the mysterious Korvatunturi (“Ear Fell”) in Finnish Lapland. At Christmas, the village is decorated and filled with activities lined up for the holiday. There are several activities that will make your visit to Santa Claus’s village a memorable one. Some of them include:
i.                     Ice fishing
ii.                   An opportunity of crossing the arctic circle
iii.                 Zoo tours
iv.                 Skiing
v.                   Winter swimming
vi.                 Midnight sun tours: there are periods in the village when there are no nights. That is, the sun is seen all day round during this period. You get to see the beautiful sight
vii.               Northern lights tour
viii.             Snowmobiling, etc.

santa claus village, Finland
Santa Claus village, Finland

I bet you will love the sight and going there with your friends and family members this Christmas holiday will leave indelible memories. There are also other events, series of nine lessons and carols, Christmas stories told, and thousands of tourists gather there each year for these events.

From the fore mentioned great places, you can see that they are indeed the best. Christmas holiday and indeed the whole yuletide season would continue to be memorable if you bring out time and money to spend it in either of the places mentioned. I bet you will enjoy it. We would like to hear from you. Tell us about what you feel using the comment section below.

Remember also to share with your friends because as we all know, sharing is caring.

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