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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

/ by Apeh Ikechukwu

Organizing an event comes with lots of responsibilities accompanied by its fatigue. The question of who will handle the sharing of food, drinks and generally the ushering activities of an event is always a nightmare to people who organize events.


Sometimes, getting the right people to work for you is very difficult. What about making use of your family members, friends, and loved ones? That one is the worst. They end up being partial in the sharing of foods, drinks, and other goodies at your event.

This poses the question “Where can I find trustworthy ushers to handle my event?” Don’t worry, we are here for you. If you are already asking the question mentioned above, then Ushers of Roses agency are here for you. Ushers of Roses agency is a team of young boys and girls that can handle all your ushering requirements for your event.

They are experts in the job and have been going to places for the job. In fact, they are the best in the job. They are always available and can attend events in all the 36 states of the federation and abroad if you want them to.

Members of the Ushers of Roses agency are beautiful and handsome young girls and boys that will not only make your event glamorous but also bring full youthful presence to your event.

Many happy clients have given reviews about the Ushers of Roses agency, some of which are:

“My cousin recommended the Ushers of Roses agency when we were preparing for our Grandmother’s funeral and I was pleased with their quality of service I must say. We didn’t get any complaints from our guests and none of our bottles and plates got missing”
-          Jay from Udi
“our book launch was lively enough, all thanks to the Ushers of Roses agency for their agile and perfect service. Their outfits alone, made me the happiest person on earth. I recommend them to anyone, anytime, any day”
-          Sam from UNN
“Where will I start to express my gratitude to the Ushers of Roses agency? Their service during our wedding reception was second to none and Yes, we really saw their impact on the faces of our guests. Should I talk about their outfit? The way they ushered in members of the high table and the beautiful and handsome members of the team…… Oh, I like them and will recommend them for your events”
-          Juliet from Enugu

What events do the Ushers of Roses agency help you handle?

The Ushers of Roses are experts in handling the following events:
  •        Weddings Receptions
  •           Birthdays
  •           Child and building dedications
  •           Meetings and end of year parties
  •           They also plan events for you
  •           Award nights
  •           Child naming ceremonies
  •           Funeral celebrations and all other social gatherings

How do I contact the Ushers of Roses agency?

There are dozens of other testimonials about the Ushers of Roses that we obviously cannot add here to avoid making the whole thing boring.
You must have been convinced by these reviews and might want to contact the Ushers of Roses. All you need to do is to call their CEO Miss, Apeh Udochukwu Cynthia via the following:
Phone number: 08100365123, 08153553248

Whatsapp: 08100365123

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