Best Freelancing Proposal Template for Winning Bids 2019

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

/ by Apeh Ikechukwu

Many freelancers have complained to me via my email and other social media platforms that they do not win proposals whenever they bid for projects. This is really a big problem for most of them and they keep asking the question “what is the best freelancing proposal for winning bids?” I had to give the template that works for me and have fetched me some jobs on freelancing websites.

I have personally used the template I am about to give to you on freelancing websites like and I decided to give it out as a gift to all freelancers worldwide that are struggling to make ends meet by doing freelancing jobs online.

This best freelancing proposal for winning bids work and it is easy to compose and implement. A little child or a dummy can implement it and I know you are not one.

Best freelancing proposal template for winning bids 2019

To write the best freelancing proposal for winning bids, follow these steps:

1. Start by greeting the client: this is a very important thing to do anytime you want to write a freelancing proposal for a job. Greeting the client will draw him or her to look at what you are about to write.

This can be likened to how we do in our day-to-day life, and also works when used in writing freelancing proposals. You can just start with “Greetings,” Is this hard to do? I bet it is not.

2. Thank the client for providing the opportunity to do the project: this is the next step you should take after greeting the client. It is also easy to do and can be, but not limited to something like this:
“Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to bid on your current project, I am confident that I will deliver a top-notch service at the end of this”

3. List the skills you have that are related to the job in question: after thanking the client for providing the opportunity, then you list the skills you have that are related to the job. This will convince the client that you know what he asked for and that you are capable of handling it very well.
For example, if it is a graphics designing request, then you can write something like this:
“I am capable of designing a quality, contemporary logo as requested because of the following skills that I have diligently learnt over the years:
  • Logos and branding
  • Business card designing
  • Letterheads
  • Info graphics
  • Pamphlets
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Book covers and much more”

It is that easy right? Can you guess the next thing to include in the best freelancing proposal for winning bids? You might be right, but let’s move on.

4. Tell the client what he will get: if it is a graphic designing project, tell the client the various formats he or she will get the work delivered as png, jpeg, eps, etc. file formats. Also, don’t forget to tell the client the number of revisions you are willing to make peradventure he wants some amendments to be made on the work at the end.

Including the number of revisions, you are willing to make will further convince the client that you are genuine and that you have your customer’s satisfaction as your top priority.

5. When will you deliver? It is very important that you also tell the client the number of hours or days the job will take you and when you intend to deliver the work. This will ensure that he knows what he or she is about to enter into beforehand. If you will deliver in the next 24 hours, just state it there in the proposal and you add credence to it.

6. Provide links or attach your previous works: a client does not know the works you have done or how good you are at the job. For this reason, you are advised to either create a portfolio website, upload all your previous works and provide the link in the proposal. This will make the client check out your website and see all your works in order to make more informed choices.

If you don’t have money to open a website and all that, you can convert your works into a single PDF file and send it alongside the proposal stating that you attached samples of your work. This works for almost all niches like writing, graphic designing, SEO services, etc.

7. Never promise a client: it is strictly business and should remain that. You are a professional and so, sound like one at every point in time. Clients often check the tone with which you write the proposal and determine whether you are capable of doing the job at hand from it. Never beg them or promise them anything.

Stand your ground and try to prove why you can do what you said you can do.

Conclusion: with these steps, I bet you can write the best freelancing proposal for winning bids and get jobs on a daily from different freelancing websites. Did you learn anything new from the article or do you have any contributions to make? I will like to hear from you. Tell us through the comment box below or send us an email at Also remember to share the post with others to save a friend or partner today.

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